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Tapping and understanding affection is the key to better relationships


Who said Valentine’s Day is just for couples? It is probably a perfect time for parents who dote on their children to reaffirm their affection to them on this Valentine’s Day. A parent always has an anxiety about children. About health when they are toddlers and physical and mental growth as adults.

An age wherein temper tantrums irritate the parents, insouciance with elders is not uncommon. Adolescents becoming lazy and shirking from their duties and a young adult keeping away from social responsibilities is usually the norm. It is imperative that parents need a re-look at their relationship with their children and follow fourteen tips that could be of help in proper progress of the child socially and intellectually:

• Children always respond better to positive words and there lies the key.

• A child will feel more comfortable if a parent can respond promptly and lovingly to their needs rather than use words that can put them down.

• A child will be a more social person if he hears expressions of “I am sorry”, “Please” and “Thank you” at home.

• Hearing out a child’s anger rather than being argumentative will reach the solution more often.

• A child should be shown when they have done something wrong and withdraw any rewards. If they are not made to realise their mistake they can continue to do worse things.

• Spending time with them with the games they enjoy will give them more pleasure.

• Playing with other children rather than with sedentary computers and gadgets will make them feel better by stimulating physical activity, companionship and enhancing their overall attitude.

• Involving them into too many hobbies can rob them of their time to relax and should be in moderation so that skills and abilities can be better matched.

• Kitchen is the place where they can be more interested in finding foods to eat and may enhance their appetite if they are involved in planning menus, shopping for food ingredients and later help in cooking too on a holiday.

• Mixing with friends and siblings will help them in fostering healthy relationships.

• A child will have better self-esteem if parents support their strengths and encourage them in acquiring skills.

• Last but not the least if a parent forgets to say

“I love you” to a child, the day is not complete.

Proper counselling would always help the child to see reason. It is only when there are behavioural changes persist like temper tantrums, irritability, anger, stubbornness etc.

Homoeopathic medicines like Hyoscyamus, Belladonna, Stramonium, Brahmi, Kali phos have known to help the child in seeing the right perspective.

Obsessive compulsive disorder

My son had mental depression while doing engineering in a prestigious institute about three years ago. Though he has joined work he has this obsession with cleanliness and no amount of hygiene can satisfy him.


Any image, thought or action which has to be repeated often is an obsession and in your son’s case it is disturbing his day to day life causing stress. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Ars alb, Thuja, Tarentula which can help such situations. Consult a homeopath.


I am under medication of hypothyroidism for the past nine years and the levels are normal after using the supplements. But I still feel tired, weak, sluggish and lethargic. My weight refuses to decrease in spite of mild exercise.


Your physician will rule out any other cause and narrow down on to hypothyroidism if there is no other evidence.

To see that the thyroid hormones are utilised properly by the body, homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Calc carb, Arg nit, Thuja etc.
Once the proper medicine is identified in your case all the above such symptoms should subside. Consult a homeopath.


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