Valentine’s Day blues

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When love gives way to depression, homoeopathy can be of help.

Tum itna jo muskura rahe hon, kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho

Jagjit Singh sure did capture the feelings of a lovelorn heart. As Valentine's Day dawns, for a number of young people it is a day of flowers and feelings, love and affection. But sometimes things don't work out. In the time that one needs to adjust to the reality of rejection, depression might set in. One needs to come out of rejection unscathed and remain emotionally strong.

Romantic relationships that have a sad ending can lead to pain, a sense of loss and unhappiness.

"The pleasure of love lasts but for a moment but the pain of love lasts a lifetime". It is a good quote to read during depression but not necessarily true as time is the best healer and in a matter of weeks or few months, things should settle down and people should get on with their lives and activities with their customary zeal and zest.

It is always ideal to stick to the routine of eating well, and as usual, going to bed at regular time, following exercise schedule and minimizing stressful situations.

Keeping oneself busy with things, which are of interest or maybe taking up a new hobby too would stop the mind from getting into the groove of past thoughts. Boost self-esteem with positive thoughts and try to remind yourself of your good qualities. This will help in situations of rejection when a sense of worthlessness seems overpowering.

Homoeopathic medicine has some good remedies to get the mind rid of the sadness and help one get over the hill. In persons with constant brooding temperament, who dwell on the same mood, Ignatia helps. Crying, accompanied by irritability with family members, when they try to help by making light of the situation but to no avail, Natrum mur comes to the rescue. In persons of changing moods and temperaments when a little positive news brings a gush of joy and vice-versa, Pulsatilla would help. In people who suppress their emotions of hurt and guilt by brooding internally, Staphysagria gives the shoulder to cry on. In depression, when the tendency to hurt oneself is marked, Aurum met relieves the tendencies. Needless to say, counselling along with Homoeopathic medicines, which work as anti-depressants, help one see the rainbow.

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