Besides terror, AIDS is bleeding humanity, but there is hope.


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Help Paramount Homoeopathic medicine plays a role in every stage of AIDS

If there is one syndrome apart from terror which is bleeding humanity for the past two decades it is probably AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome caused by HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. But that does not mean that there is no solution to any of these issues. It is problem’s identification and addressing the issue that is the need of the hour, which is tenable for the citizens in general and medicine in particular as far as the scourge of this disease is concerned.

The human body is a bunch of amazing organs which work in tremendous harmony and have an immune system which wards of any external agents attempting to interfere with their function. This is done by the T lymphocytes which run through the blood stream and target the foreign organisms with deadly precision. But when virus enters into the body it causes submission of these lymphocytes and the immune system becomes suppressed and is unable to discharge its duty. It is under these circumstances that the usually innocuous bacteria, virus, fungi or any other infective agents which would have been tolerated by the system or even the symbiotic bacteria that are of no harm usually but also help the metabolism in its process turn the tide against the human organism which adds to the concern. The organs of the body are systematically under the influence of these infective pathogens and the threat to life worsens.

As such, the very presence of the virus (HIV) in the body does not mean AIDS. When the T lymphocytes in circulation are less than 300 per millilitre of serum it means the virus has began to replicate and is leading to the killing of these immune cells. When the count falls below 200, it is a cause of concern as it can now be declared that the person is suffering from Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This is when the body is prone to infections. The primary source of infection in the human body is probably through the respiratory mechanism and not surprisingly the commonest infections occurring are pneumonia and more often tuberculosis. Even when these infections are treated on an occasion they seem to recur as the immune system remains compromised. Such a state in tuberculosis is worse because the resistance to drugs only means that treatment becomes that much more difficult.

Since the lining of the gastrointestinal tract is the major producer of the white blood cells in the body, the lacunae caused due to their reduction in number invariably causes the infection of the area, expressing itself as diarrhoea to start with. Any chronic diarrhoea when it does not respond to routine medication is always searched for HIV and in such subjects loss of weight is a usual finding.

This virus can cause the involvement of the lining of the nerve cells called as myelitis which leads to impairment of impulses along the nerve fibres and weakening of the functions to the extent that the disease progresses rapidly and causes death earlier than other infections.

Patients suffering with AIDS are also more prone to tumours and cancers too as the incidence of cervical cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma, colon cancer are more common in them. Even opportunistic infections are common in such subjects and take their toll.

It is a disease which spreads from an infected person if they indulge in sexual intercourse with a partner without protection like a condom. It reaches the one receiving a blood transfusion if it has been donated by an infected person. An infected mother passes it to her child during pregnancy or childbirth or through breastfeeding. Unsterilised needles when used for different patients or drug users who indulge are all found prone to this disease.


Homoeopathic medicine has a role to play in probably every stage of the disease. If it is Senega, Eupa perf, Dulcamara which are helpful when upper respiratory tract is beginning to get infected, Ars iod, Kali carb and Thuja help when the lungs are prone. The gastrointestinal symptoms are helped with Ars alb, Phos, Pyrogenum etc. while the neurological are addressed with Plumbum met, Physostigma etc. To keep the virus at bay and the immune system to remain uncompromised even as infections are able to be addressed well are the challenges that face medicine today. With this goal in mind, homoeopathic medicine is the idea complementary system, addressing the need of the hour.


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