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Is there a remedy for Crohn's disease in Homoeopathy?


Crohn's is a condition in which the body identifies the normal mucosal lining of the gastro intestinal tract as deleterious to us and damages it, thereby leading to the symptoms like diarrhoea, urgency for stool and frequent urge if the large intestine is affected. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to relieve such symptoms symptomatology by treating the condition and pushing the disease into remission or inactive phase. Consult a homoeopath.


I have severe sneezing, running nose on exposure to dust or even food stuffs. I have watering of the eyes too. I have given up citrus fruits and have to resort to a tablet for relief. Can homoeopathy help?



ALLIUM CEPA 30C three times a day for five days would give you relief and on taking further specific symptoms a course of medicines would be suggested by a homoeopath so that on exposure to the same substances the allergic reaction would not occur.


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