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Homoeo call Out in the sun, before the fun, take a few precautions.

A mother waiting for her young daughter to return home would also be concerned that she may be exposed to too much of sun and get a tan. As in our social milieu, a fair skin is appreciated unlike the western climes where people expose themselves to the sun to get a tan. Well it is that part of the year again when the flowers are blooming and birds are chirping but the summer heat is all set to take a toll.

Skin is an organ that protects the other vital organs of the body in a fine equilibrium as they are protected from the vagaries of the environment. It releases the water and cools off the body surface and maintains the temperature too. A 15-minute exposure to the sun in a day is essential for the absorption of Vitamin D in the body, which is also a secret for the healthy bones. Basking under the sun is also a good reason to check skin conditions like psoriasis, Vitiligo and acne. But skin as such is exposed to the ultraviolet rays that can be dangerous. We live in a tropical country where the climate is mostly filled with sun's rays during the daytime and for that matter even the cloud cover is no safe protection from these rays. These rays are seeping further into our environment due to the holes created in the ozone layer that was enough protection earlier. The rays are known to cause certain skin conditions and undesirable consequences. But to keep these at bay our skin contains cells called the melanocytes that produce a pigment called melanin which creates the dark pigmentation on the skin and is known to significantly reduce the affect on our metabolism. But sometimes exposure can also cause undesirable excessive tanning. As the increased temperatures also influence perspiration, the skin looks oily, dull and blemished. It also gives the bad body odour and scope for fungal infection of the groins and between the toes.

Under these circumstances, maintaining the hydration levels of the body is primary as it gives the necessary glow to the skin and loss is supplemented early. This can be achieved by drinking at least two litres of water everyday increasing foods like watermelon, coconut water, oranges that aid hydration. Splashing the face with normal water three to four times a day will have an instant freshness and tranquilising effect. If a moisturiser is used it should only be water-based as oil-based ones can cause irritation to the skin and lead to excessive perspiration. To soak the day's sweat a talcum powder can be applied all over and also into the socks before wearing shoes that will help in preventing skin infections. The dry skin of the soles flaking off can be cleared off with a scrub. Rose water, paste of cucumber, peels of orange and other fruits when applied over the tanned skin can reduce the discoloration and aid in moisturising it too which also delays the formation of wrinkles.

To fight the side effects of the heat of the sun apart from the steps underlined, homoeopathic medicine has good remedies. Cantharis is good remedy for sunburn as some people are more prone to it. In sensitive individuals when there is a rosy hue on exposure to heat of sun and sometimes with a stinging pain, Apis mel helps. If there is tendency for oily skin with increased perspiration, Natrum mur helps improve the balance. If the increased perspiration gives scope for a fungal infection to take root, Rhus tox, Mercurius, Sulphur are always helpful to root them away. If the increased perspiration makes one prone to the body odour, Sepia is useful. Tanning is also gradually reduced with remedies like Antim crud and Sarsaparilla, more so in individuals with dry skin.


Homoeo queries

Sleep Apnoea

I wake up with a jerk at night and with heavy breathing and go back to sleep again though with a little difficulty. I am 43-year-old and have been suffering with this problem on and off for the past five years. I have undergone tests that suggest that it is probably `sleep apnoea'. Can homoeopathy help?


The function of breathing is sometimes disturbed and the low oxygen levels in the system spur it into action and thereby the sleep is disturbed due to shallow breathing. Homeopathic medicine has remedies like Nux vomica, Calcarea carb, Lachesis, Kali bich etc. to correct such situations and bring down the recurrence of such episodes. Consult a homoeopath.


I am a 48-year-old lady with a urination problem. If I have the urge to pass urine it is so urgent that even as I reach the toilet there is dribbling which is very embarrassing and disturbing and have made me lose confidence to attend social functions. This has been there for six months now. Can homoeopathy help?


Recurrent urinary tract infections, decreased tone of the muscles around the bladder during menopause are the usual causes for such a symptom apart from many.

Causticum, Sepia, Lilium tig are a few remedies that can help you get rid of this symptom and thereby problem. Consult a homoeopath.


In the last one year I dislocated my right shoulder after trivial injuries. My doctor suggested that it could be due to weakness of tissues around the joint. Can homoeopathy help?


More details about the `weakness of tissues' around the shoulder joint need to be known which can be ascertained on a specialist opinion and investigations. As such, remedies like Ruta, Calcarea phos, Calc flour, Rhus tox can help in such situations and prevent the need for other interventions. I am sure homoeopathic medicines would be of help to you.


Ever since the loss of my husband six months ago in an accident I am unable to reconcile with life as I am unable to forget him. I am 34-year-old and the only solace is my job as I am busy during those hours and a child who is the only light of my life. I know medicines cannot help but I do not know what to do.


Nothing can substitute the love your husband gave you but the inherent strength in you is helping to get on with your job and taking care of your child. Counselling with a psychologist would be of help and homoeopathic medicines like Ignatia, Acid phos etc. will help you by pushing to put the first step on the ladder of recovery.




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