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Effective medicines can take care of women suffering from the symptoms of perimenopause

A WOMAN goes through various transitions during her lifetime. One of the significant is climacteric or menopause, which literally means cessation of menses or absence of menstrual period for at least 12 months that normally sets in around the age of 47-52 years. It is the time when ovaries retire bringing to an end the flush of oestrogen and the turbulence of progesterone, which has caused a plethora of changes on her body and mind all through the post-pubertal period.

More than the menopause itself, the changes which gradually set in as the body tries to tune itself to the new reality of paucity of these hormones and the symptomatic expressions like hot flashes, mood changes, etc., that can last even for two to five years is termed as perimenopause.

Some women typically complain of excessive menstrual bleeding which is due to the increased oestrogen during some cycles as there is no ovulation and the other hormone progesterone is not produced. The cycle gets prolonged gradually before they cease completely. The surge of oestrogen also causes hot flushes wherein a woman feels hot, perspires profusely and then feels a chill, which can disturb her emotionally confusing with a heart attack if it occurs in the chest and could last for a few seconds to less than an hour!

It also causes dryness, thinning of the vaginal walls apart from the weakness of the ligaments of the urinary bladder, which make her prone to infections as the bacteria find an avenue to grow.

Sexual desire and motivation are compromised too. Apart from the physical changes, which she is bothered about, one factor family members do complain about her is the mood swings which tend to sway like never before.

She finds herself irritated about trifles, tends to cry at the drop of a hat or jolly good by the end of the day.

Emotionally, they are the most vulnerable at this stage of life. If one is already suffering from depression or going through a time when their children leave the nest as she finds herself alone or lacks the family support at these moments, then her suffering is only doubled due to the internal turmoil she is in. Loss of appetite, sleep disturbances, lack of interest in life and activities around her in general are also a common feature.


Homoeopathic medicine can bring back the cheer in her life. When hot flushes are a concern, Glonine and Sanguinaria can reduce the occurrence. If depression is the feature, Aurum met stabilises it. If mood swings take toll of her emotions, Sepia and Lachesis restore peace. A woman would find herself safe and asymptomatic through her perimenopause with homoeopathy around.


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