Diabetes and Oral Health

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Oral health can be affected drastically because of diabetes. Here's how you can keep it under check

Though it sounds simple, diabetes is a disease which can affect the vitals and until those symptoms are out, life does look as green as ever. It is a known fact that diabetes can cause problems with the eyes, nerves, kidneys and heart as well as other parts of the body as it lowers the resistance to infection and even worse, slow down the healing process.

Oral health can reflect our lifestyle, personality and the general state of health of our body, and, no wonder, diabetes significantly influences the same.

Diabetes causes thickening of the blood vessels, which impedes the efficiency of flow of nutrients to the gums for its maintenance, apart from being unable to flush out the wastes from the area due to the same. This leads to weakening of the gums, which hold the teeth in their place to give us strength for mastication. The gums then give pockets of areas which the bacteria hold sway in multiplying and further exposing the roots of the teeth leading to loosening and bone degeneration which is termed as periodontitis.

Since the sugar level in the saliva is high in people with this disease, it is compatible for the bacteria to grow at a rapid pace. This is evident in the form of red, swollen, tender gums which tend to bleed easily on mild brushing, persistent odorous breath which later leads to loose or separating teeth.

Diabetes also leads to decrease of secretion of saliva causing a sticky mouth and a tough tongue making tasting, chewing and swallowing cumbersome.

Thrush or aphthous secondarily infected with fungus is highly probable due to dry mouth and increased sugar levels in the saliva.

Management and treatment

Frequent sips of water can counter dryness of the mouth, meals interspersed with intake of fluids, avoiding excessive intake of salty and spicy foods apart from tobacco and alcohol would help significantly. Chewing sugarless gum or candy helps in increase of salivation too.

The health of the teeth can be taken care of by brushing twice a day, getting rid of plaque at regular intervals by scaling at the dentist's. Flossing would prevent accumulation of food particles in between teeth. Brushing the tongue of accumulated coating reduces odorous breath.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Silicea which get rid of the infection at the root of the gums and remedies like Carbo veg, Phosphorus, Calc phos, Hekla lava prevent further bone reduction due to periodontitis and restore it to a certain extent. Dryness of the mouth is improved to better salivation with remedies like Bryonia, Sulphur, and Alumina. Hydrastis, Ac. Nit, Kali chlor, etc., can deal with Aphthous. A gargle with Calendula and Kreosote mother tinctures would keep many an infection at bay.


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