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Flushing is a common problem, which should be dealt with proper skin care.

OUR FACE, like all the other parts of the body is richly supplied by blood vessels.The fine capillaries that tend to dilate, surging with blood leading to the characteristic reddish hue is influenced by various factors. Though flushing can happen with everybody, it shows up prominently among people with fair skin .

Exposure to sun, wind, very cold temperatures, hot baths, intake of hot or spicy foods, alcohol consumption, menopause and emotional factors (stress, fear, anxiety and embarrassment) are a few causes, which influences the flushing of the face.

Frequent flushing occurs over the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, and predominantly asymptomatic can cause a burning sensation in some people. Pimples can occur in rosacea that resemble teenage acne and is frequently mistaken for acne rosacea. However, in rosacea there are no blackheads or whiteheads.

Sometimes the rosacea on the nose can cause the sebaceous or oil glands to be stimulated more leading to characteristic shiny nose.

Otherwise, the other parts of the face are dry and could have a thickness of the skin. Rosacea also affects the blood vessels of the eye and the conjunctiva tends to appear red on little stimulation and is confused with the allergy of the eye.

Avoid rubbing the face while washing as it irritates the dead skin and further enhances the redness. Soap, moisturiser and sunscreen lotions should not contain alcohol as it corrodes the skin.

Stopping smoking, reducing the intake of hot and spicy foods, alcohol and limited exposure to extremes of temperatures will help.

The goal of homoeopathic medicine is to control the condition and improve the appearance of patient's skin. It would take several weeks or months to notice an improvement.

Pulsatilla corrects the sensitiveness to changes of temperature either cold or hot. Asterias cures the acne like eruptions and condition of rosacea. In menopause, Glonoine and Sanguinaria bring the frequent flushing under check. Ferrum met helps in handling emotion or exertion causing rosacea.


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