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Sleep deprivation has become very common among children these days. The duration of sleeping hours has been reduced as their lifestyle and other factors hinder it. This could have a wholesome effect on their physical, mental and psychosocial conditions too.

The causes of sleep disturbances could be as simple as: Constipation as the `uncleared' intestines make the child feel irritable; worms too could cause similar stomach upsets and also itching of the rectum while contributing to the grinding of the teeth. Children with rhinitis with symptoms of running nose, nasal block and ones suffering from bronchitis and asthma have disturbed sleep. Again, children who have not stopped wetting the bed find it disturbing.

Severe pains affecting the limbs are also cause of disturbance of sleep while hyperactive children cannot appreciate the tranquility of sleep.

Today's lifestyle problems — televisions and computers have invaded the peaceful environment of the bedrooms, after-school activities which compel the child to devote longer hours, new situations and social pressures, late-working parents have pushed back the bed-times of the modern households.

Sleep loss causes myriads of effects on the child. They find it difficult to pay attention in class , are less alert to things happenings around them, more absent-minded. All this shows in poor memory and poor academic performance. They are very tired and fatigued by the evening and do not indulge in sports. Various studies suggest that the young children are more irritable and hyperactive and are unable to pay attention to any particular activity. They are more sensitive and emotional too. Not surprisingly this could all lead to anxiety, depression and substance abuse later in life.


Another drawback due to lack of sleep is obesity. As days go by we are seeing more of an "obese society." During sleep body regulates the levels of certain hormones that make us feel either hungry or satiated. In other words excess time in bed can stave off the hunger pains. Though this is no magic remedy, it is true for kids.

To prevent loss of sleep and its deleterious after effects children should be insisted to go to bed early. Watching TV also accentuates the production of melatonin pigment that regulates sleep so children should be refrained from exposure for long hours of the day too. They should be encouraged to play during the evenings, which helps. In spite of all this, if there is no change in the symptoms the cause should be ascertained and appropriately treated.

For children suffering from constipation with lack of urge to pass stool and difficulty in evacuation, Opium, Alumina, Nux vomica are of help. Worms causing irritation can be cured by Cina, Embelia and Sulphur, while irritable children can be promptly soothed to tranquility with Chamomilla. Kali bich, Sticta are a couple of remedies which clear nasal blockage and Ipecac, Arsenic relieve chest discomfort. Anxious and nervous children are helped by Argentum nitricum and Gelsemium while hyperactive children find solace with Valeriana. Growing pains disturbing sleep is cured by Kali phos and bedwetting can be controlled with Equisetum.

And, when all else fails, a little extra love and cuddling go a long way towards a good night sleep — for both child and parents.

Health queries

Sneezing, phlegm, breathlessness

I suffer from nasal blockage, phlegm on coughing and breathlessness. I suffer from Eosinophilia for quite a long time now.

On slightest exposure to dust the hurricane of symptoms can start. What remedies in Homeopathy would help?


You are suffering from a respiratory tract allergy that is leading to all this symptoms and high Eosinophilia count is an indicator.

Pothos 30 three times a day for three days would give initial relief but a course of medication with Homeopath would cure you of all the symptoms.

Dry Eye

My wife suffers from dry eye. Does Homeopathy have a remedy for the problem? SKM

The lachrymal glands in the eyes produce a film of tears over the conjunctive for lubrication but in some cases when the production ceases or reduces there is sensation of dryness, pain, redness etc. in the eyes.

Homeopathic Medicines such as Bryonia, Sulphur etc. help in improving the lachrymation and thereby reduce this complaint. Consult a Homeopath.

I suffer from an excruciating pain while passing stool and bleeding during and at the end of the stool. But usually the stool is soft. Can Homeopathy help?


COLLINSONIA 30C three times a day for three days would relieve of this pain and on a follow up can get rid of the problem.

Pale spots

I have pale spots all over my body which are gradually increasing in size and number. Can Homeopathy help?


Vitilgo is a condition in which the melanin pigment in the skin cells fails to be disseminated to the skin surface that gives us the characteristic colour.


All your symptoms would be taken into consideration by a Homeopath for an appropriate course of medication to gradually stop the further spread of the discoloration to start with.

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