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Inadequate food during the diurnal period could cause dizziness

A housewife hurriedly waking up to attend the first doorbell of the day finds herself off balance and may even fall. A techie at work trying to get up from his seat feels the world going round him for a moment and falters for support; a student reeling with dizziness after a day's studies. Such symptoms are mostly due to a condition called "postural hypotension."

Our heart pumps blood through the blood vessels to all parts of the body to supply vital nutrients and bring back the same for cleansing the lungs. This occurs at a certain volume and is called as blood pressure. When a person is in the lying position or sitting for sometime and then either wakes up or gets up there is a sudden fall of blood to the lower organs in accordance with the law of gravity. It is in these situations when the circulation in the brain is impaired transiently dizziness, giddiness or vertigo occurs leading to loss of balance or even consciousness for a moment. But the recovery is also equally quick . But it should be a cause of concern only if the symptoms persist.

Causative factors

It could happen in people who tend to have a light dinner sans carbohydrates leading to fall of glucose in the blood circulation at sunrise or when there is a long gap in the intake of food during the diurnal periods.

Elderly persons also find this happening often because the circulation is impaired due to impedance of flow through the carotid vessels.

It is not uncommon to find people who have had spinal cord injuries suffer from this, as the autonomic nervous system does not react to lowered blood pressure in constricting the vessels.

Any disease in which there is a loss of blood or deficient formation of blood causing anaemia is bound to cause this symptom. Endocrinal disorders affecting the pituitary and adrenal glands are associated with this too.

Patients on certain drugs may experience this too.

People involved in occupations where they need to stand for long hours face this often.

Since each episode is ameliorated in the natural course without intervention the idea is to prevent further episodes. If the cause is identified it becomes much easier.

If the hypotension is due to loss of fluids, Veratrum album corrects it and if it is due to loss of blood Ferrum improves it.

In people who stand for a long time the circulation is improved by Hamamellis. In elderly persons it is improved with remedies like Arnica, Baryta carb, Gelsemium, Calc phos etc.

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