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A simple change in diet can keep many illnesses at bay.

T he bane of human civilization is sedentary lifestyle and craving for food that does not match the needs of normal health. The usual suspects that wear down an individual are high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, obesity and last but not the least is constipation and haemorrhoids. If there is an insurance cover against all these diseases with the add-on of strength and inclination to get up and go on a regular basis then that is fiber rich foods. The bile acids can remain in the later part of the digestive tract and over a period of decades is known to cause cancers of the gastrointestinal tract whereas the insoluble fibre have phytochemicals that reduce their toxicity by attacking them.

There is an imminent rise of blood sugar levels immediately after eating but if fibre is added to the equation; starch the staple diet takes that much longer for breakdown and the rise of blood sugar levels does not happen immediately. That explains why it is a boon for diabetics.

There have been enough studies to support the fact that people who favour fibre in the diet are not the ideal candidates for high blood pressure. The insoluble fibre has a role to play too in the sense that it makes the stools bulkier and speeds its passage through the gut relieving constipation and giving no chance for haemorrhoids or piles to develop.

There is a sense of fullness as the digestive process is slowed down and that helps in controlling weight and obesity.

There are certain fibre rich foods like oats that contain a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants apart from being sources of carbohydrates, proteins even as they contribute with iron to the human body.

Now that enough zing has been added with diet as and when assimilation is affected or if there is a harbinger of any of the deleterious metabolic syndromes like the high blood pressure or the diabetes are on the anvil, Homoeopathic medicines add value to the process of restoration of health. There are certain remedies like Calc carb, Lycopodium, Avena sativa, Thuja, Graphites etc. which push the healing on the right track.


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