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Locomotion is a sign of man’s health in harmony and the frame to be up and around there are some mechanisms which need to function in a well oiled manner. The bony system which is the resistant force is moved with the help of the muscles and the energy transmission from the bones to the muscles is through a firm fibrous structure which keeps them together called the tendon. Any inflammation of this link of tissue or tendon is called as tendinitis.


The fibrous band of tissues are found in the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees ankles and the feet. Any job which has repetitive movements of the joints causes this inflammation. Take the case of carpenters, musicians, gardeners, athletes and even dentists have a work which involves putting a stress of repetitive motion of few particular joints and that is the one which is prone to this condition.


A golfer or a tennis ace is likely to suffer from pain in the elbow with the tendon of this joint being affected and is promptly referred to as the tennis elbow. There is a pain in the joint when one tries to lift weight, grip at the wrist with the shooting pain radiating up and down of the limb from the elbow.


When one attempts to pull, push, lift or raise the arm above the shoulder level it could all likely be due to the four muscles around the shoulder which help in its position being inflamed at the tendons which attach as a rotator cuff.


In a sport where jumping is involved like basketball there is a lot of stress on the knee joint when the muscles have to recoil all the time and over a period the tendons seem to take the stress and lead to minor tears causing discomfort and pain. The same stress can occur due to dancing, cycling or running where that is a part of the regular lifestyle. Such people complain of pain while hurried walking, running or jumping. If elderly are more prone it is because the tendons in them become tender and less flexible.


But after tennis elbow by far the most affected is the tendon which is pulled and stretched during football, tennis, running or even climbing the stairs often that is the Achilles tendon which causes a lot of pain in the heel bone.


Primary to treatment of any pain in the body associated with either muscle, bone or joint is RICE, i.e, Rest, ice, compression and elevation. Acute injuries are soothed with application of ice and rest encourages the tendon to heal faster while compression relieves pain and elevation brings down the swelling. Later massage of the affected area and then stretching and strengthening exercises will help restore the ability of the joint. Warming before exercise, taking regular rests between repetitive movements, padding the joint in constant use, adopting good posture while at work will all help in prevention of such injuries. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Rhus tox which helps relieve the pain in the tendon, if inflammation is acute with swelling, Apis mel is of use, Ruta is almost specific for ligaments and tendons while Calc flour and Calc phos will help restore the health of the joint.


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