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A prolonged rash could be the acute Urticaria, which calls for immediate treatment.


body? It could be an allergic reaction to a trigger in the environment and the appearance of the rash is called as hives but if this happens at every trivial trigger or an unseen factor on and off for more than six weeks it is called as Urticaria.

The human body has an innate mechanism to rise to the occasion by producing a defensive rounds of cells into the circulation when it sees the equilibrium of the body being affected and is called as immune response. This regulatory mechanism can sometimes be fooled into action when the cause is unimportant or by wrongly identifying a cause. This inflammatory response causes the peripheral blood vessels of the body being welled with protective cells and the fluid into the tissues causes the typical rash of Urticaria.


Whatever the body gets to appreciate through the gastrointestinal system like the foods i.e. seafood, Chinese sauces, nuts, eggs, berries, artificial flavours can set off a round of allergic reaction. So with the respiratory system too as the pollen, animal dander, odours, perfumes may cause such breakouts. Skin does not lag behind too as insect stings and bites, contact allergens like metals and chemicals in detergents, plant substances etc. evoke a similar virulent response.

Quite often in a few people exposure to cold in swimming pools or ones not used to chilly conditions this rash could occur.

A person travelling overnight by a train could find the pressure of the rexine upholstery or the tight fitting clothing being worn throughout the day causes an appearance of Urticaria.

Urticaria usually appears as a raised, whitish rash on the skin with a reddish halo which may be as tiny as prickly heat or the size of a coin or more too and may appear anywhere on the body. This rash appears suddenly and resolves suddenly too in either minutes or hours.

It is usually associated with itching, which in fact could later lead to appearance of the rash.


Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to relieve the rash and itching of acute Urticaria occurring due to various allergic triggers. It has also an action on the constitutional plane to correct the body's response so that the usual allergic triggers after treatment do not lead to the same reaction in intensity and frequency before they subside completely.

Dulcamara and Rhus tox would help when the damp and cold weather acts as the trigger while Apis mel relieves when the rash is better by application of cold. The pressure causing Urticaria is relieved by Natrum mur so also the one which gets worse on exposure to heat while Cina gets rid of the pinworms causing it. Urtica urens is a specific, which usually affords an immediate and transient relief.

Tourette syndrome

My 7-year-old son has Tourette syndrome. Does homoeopathy have a remedy for the same?


Compulsive movements of parts of the body without much voluntary interference comes under the purview of Tourette syndrome which can be evaluated by a Neurophysician and a Child Psychologist and based on the inputs, a proper remedy can be suggested to get rid of the same.

Cholesterol concern

I am 40-year-old and the triglycerides level is about 300 mg/dl while I am obese. There is also a fatty liver according to the scan. Can homoeopathy help?


Dietary changes and physical exercise to start with and a remedy like Chelidonium Q taken 20 drops at bedtime for about three months should show a change which you can confirm it by a Lipid profile at the end of three months. A proper follow up can be suggested depending on the progress.

Tobacco travail

Can homoeopathy help me in getting rid of smoking?


Certain homoeopathic remedies help in reducing the craving for tobacco and once the person has the will to kick the habit this will help him get rid of it.


I am 56-year-old and have developed constipation for the past couple of years. Can homoeopathy help?



Any change in the bowel habits at your age need to be investigated by simple tests. You can use Nux vom 30c three times a day for five days, which would give initial relief.


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