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Allergic Rhinitis can lead to sinusitis as well.

If one's nose tends to flow continuously or refuses to open and is regularly blocked , most likely the person is suffering from Allergic Rhinitis. It is not a life threatening disease, but it can cause a lot of discomfort and misery, enough to spoil the daily routine. It is not an illness, but an exaggeration of normal events due to super sensitivity of the nasal cavity to minor irritants. What is allergic rhinitis? Allergic Rhinitis is an irritation or inflammation of the mucus membranes that lines the nasal cavity. This condition occurs when the body's immune system over-responds to specific, non-infectious particles such as plant pollens, dust mites, animal hair, industrial chemicals (including tobacco smoke), foods, medicines etc. During this episode, antibodies are produced, predominantly Immunoglobulin E, which in turn provokes the production of histamine that opens up the blood vessels or increases perfusion of the areas like lungs, nasal mucous membrane and skin. The above changes occur in the nasal mucosa and cause various symptoms. Patients typically complain of sneezing on waking up in the morning, after a bath and due to exposure to draft of air on opening the window. They also have a thin discharge from the nose, which is fluent and as the days progress, it could turn into a thick and yellowish discharge suggestive of infection. More often than not, they suffer from blockage of nose and have difficulty in breathing, which becomes worse on lying down at night. Sometimes the blockage alternates between both the nostrils. Associated with the nasal symptoms, there is also itching of the eyes that cause watering and redness. Itching of the throat, sometimes, worsens the misery. Fever occurs if there is a secondary infection.

Patients suffering from this allergy tend to develop sinusitis as well that causes heaviness of the head, dullness and, in turn, a cause for rhinitis again due to the infection.

Homoeopathy has good remedies for the allergy. It has good remedies to get rid of irritating symptoms like nasal discharge, sneezing at the slightest provocation, nasal blocking, eyes and throat symptoms. It has remedies to correct the situation in the sense that our body does not produce this hyper sensitive reaction at the exposure to harmless allergens and over a period of time cures the allergy.

It has remedies to prevent complications like sinusitis too.

Common remedies for Allergic Rhinitis: Arum Triphyllum cures the nasal discharge, nasal blocking and sneezing at night. Hepar Sulph cures the thin, watery and irritating discharge from the nose, which also falls into the throat. Kali Bichromicum cures the obstinate nasal blocking due to rhinitis. Pothos is helpful in conditions of sneezing and nasal discharge on slightest exposure to dust and smoke. Sabadilla cures the spasmodic sneezing and coryza associated with itching of the eyes and watering.


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