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Calcium can keep you fit as a fiddle but also cause trouble if you don’t get enough of it.


Even as the world marks the International Woman’s Day, it is also a fact that when it comes to health there are a few things which are her bete noire during any part of her life. One of them is calcium or the lack of it.

The mineral calcium accords structure, growth and maintenance of the body frame and finds itself safely deposited in the bones and teeth. It is also freely found flowing in the blood stream getting docked into areas where the metabolism needs it.

Whether it is the need for blood to coagulate in times of an injury, or when a nerve impulse needs to be transferred along the course of nerves or when innervated into the muscles or the need for the prompt contraction and relaxation of the muscle tissues during various locomotor activities of the human body calcium seems in demand all the time. And not to forget the heartbeat, the production of various hormones and the induction of certain enzyme reactions, Calcium enters the arena.

Whether it is a pre-pubescent girl when the body mass with bones and muscles are being formed or the during the adolescent days when the hormonal activity is being shaped up, during calcium is required:

* By a pre-puberty girl for proper formation of bone mass and muscles.

* By an adolescent for the hormonal activity to shape up appropriately.

* By a woman during her pregnancy for proper growth of the foetus.

* For a young mother who is breast feeding her infant.

* For a woman in her menopause when the oestrogen balance changes every other day.

* For an elderly woman when the calcium from the bones is being drawn for various metabolic activities.

* As the elderly woman finds it difficult to assimilate calcium as the digestive acids are not congruous at her age.

As such we can see that the importance of calcium increases with age. But it is not a surprise to know that when this mineral is missing it can lead to host of problems.

It could be that nagging headache, muscle cramps, joint pains or later arthritis or even degeneration of the inner lining of the blood vessels, high blood pressure, heart disease and cholesterol.

It usually reflects in osteopenia or the state when the bone bank is drawn off calcium for the metabolic requirements and ends in osteoporosis or the weakening of the bones finally leading to arthritis or making to vulnerable to fractures. As the life expectancy is increasing the scope of long term illnesses is also increasing.

Milk, yoghurt, cheese, spinach, soya milk and broccoli are the usually available and rich sources of calcium and taken in plenty so that there is enough supply of calcium for the metabolic needs.

In spite of supplementation it needs to be absorbed and assimilated properly and that is when homoeopathy comes in.

Remedies like Ac. flour, Calc phos, Calc flour and Calc sulph help in seeing that the integrity of bones rich with calcium is retained and there is enough available in the blood stream so that the bone bank is not disturbed.

Resilience in inopportune situations has always been the hallmark of every woman and to see that there is no fragility of the physical frame is the challenge.


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