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A few remedies to arrest hair loss and improve growth

AN INCONGRUOUS pattern of loss of hair on the scalp can be unnerving, causing social and emotional disturbance. The tiny cup shaped follicles which produce hair from the follicle could betray you, resulting in round patches of hair loss called Alopecia areata.

Our immune system is designed to react to various bacteria and viruses entering into the body and keep them at bay. Sometimes this reaction could go awry and the system can attack the hair follicles leading to hair loss. It is not hereditary but if one of the family members is affected the probability is high. It is not contagious.The incidence is high in people suffering from allergies of the respiratory tract, skin, thyroid imbalance; auto immune diseases like ulcerative colitis but is no way related to these nor does the treatment of these disorders corrects Alopecia.

If the bald spots tend to affect the area of the scalp it is called Alopecia totalis and the same could affect the face and the body too and is called Alopecia universalis. Nevertheless, this should not be confused with the hereditary male type of baldness for which there is no cure.

Alopecia could cause perspiration to trickle to the eyes if eyebrows are lost, and if the eyelashes are lost the protection from sun and glare is compromised. The comforting news is that it is not a painful disease, does not affect life expectancy and does not come in the way of activities of life like study, work, sport, marriage and so on.

Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies to stop further hair loss and stimulate the cells in the follicles to improve the hair growth. It would take at least three to six months to restore the growth.

Alumina cures the condition associated with dry Atopic eczema.

Acid flour would probably help any case and more so with thyroid imbalance.

Selenium cures when there is loss of hair from the eyebrows, beard and pubic areas.


Natrum mur and Sepia help in strengthening the hair follicles thereby improving growth.

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