Preventing Jetlag

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Jetlag is a common problem for travellers. Here are a few remedies to treat the symptoms


JETLAG IS a condition in which the person's sleep cycle is disturbed by travel across time zones. The schedule of metabolic function of the body in a smooth rhythm is influenced by the set pattern of times of eating, sleeping, working and performing other activities. However, when one travels across the time zones these are disturbed and, added to these, the external stimuli like sunshine in the new area dictate a different pattern, thereby leaving the body out of sync in the new environs.

Apart from the time zones, the environment in the airplane is another cause. Dry air in the plane due to less humidity, pressurisation, noise and cramped space.

The common symptoms apart from sleeplessness are daytime fatigue, stomachache, headache, irritability, decreased attention, etc.

The dry environs of the plane can also cause dry eyes, dry and irritated nose, earache, muscle cramps, bloating of abdomen, dizziness, swelling at the ankles due to lack of movement.

Helpful tips:

* Before embarking the plane, try to enumerate business and personal things are in order. Try to get good sleep the previous night before the journey.

* To combat the dry air in the aircraft, keep drinking a lot of water and it is better than coffee, tea or fruit juices. Avoid alcohol as the rarefied atmosphere can cause further dehydration and intoxication.

* Use blindfolds, earplugs while trying to sleep in the aircraft.

* Walking up and down the aisle, standing, twisting and stretching while sitting will ease the discomfort and prevent swelling at the ankles and also formation of clots.

* During a stopover, leave the plane for a brisk walk if possible.

* On reaching home, a warm shower would improve the muscle tone and circulation that helps you recover quickly.

Avoid sleeping pills as they could worsen the dizziness.


Time helps jetlag disappear. Nevertheless, if symptoms persist about 24 hours after reaching the destination, homoeopathic medicines can be used which will help in clearing the symptoms and improve alertness.

To maximise their enjoyment of sight-seeing as well as productivity, enthusiastic travellers suffering from jetlag are cured by Coffea Cruda. Pain in the limbs due to cramped up spaces and the muscular soreness due to lack of sleep are cured by Cocculus. Patients of sinusitis whose symptoms are worse due to dry air can take Alumina before the flight. Homoeopathy ensures you a safe landing.


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