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Read on to find out certain remedies that can relieve the symptoms of colon cancer.

The basic units of life, our cells grow in an orderly way to keep the body function and metabolism normal but sometimes the cell growth goes out of control to form pre-cancerous polyps. It could happen in the lining of the intestine too to form colon cancer.

The large intestine absorbs water and mineral nutrients as the last part of digestion, besides being the storage place for the waste matter before it is expelled through the rectum. Any cancerous lesion affecting this part of the intestine can cause certain symptoms. The aim of any system of medicine would be to remove, burn or freeze the lesion so that it does not increase in size and spread through the lymph nodes surrounding it and through blood to other vital organs of the body, which is detrimental. The magnitude of the problem needs to be curtailed sometimes by more than one systems of medicine and homoeopathic medicine would be ideal in giving symptomatic relief and improving quality of life.

Common symptoms

A change in bowel habits to either diarrhoea or constipation is common. Due to the obstruction by the tumour, the intestines need to contract more to bypass it for the stool to move out which causes constipation and change in consistency of the stool. The stool appears slender and thin than usual. The increased peristalsis causes a frequent urge for stool and every attempt could be little stool or just flatulence.

Abdominal bloating and gassy stomach are common, causing cramping pain and tenderness. Unexplained weight loss over a period calls for investigation so also the tiredness at least exertion.

Due to the polyps, there is continuous oozing of blood and stool appears dark than usual. This leads to anaemia and though the body responds, the loss is more than it can cope up and would be evident over some time.

Mercurius sol, Merc cor, Colocynth, Aloes, Lycopodium, Carbo veg, Raphanus and Nux vomica are a few remedies, which can relieve the gaseous distension, cramping of abdomen, sticky stools, etc. Remedies like Carcinosin, Sulphur, Chelidonium, and Cardus mar are always on trial to palliate the symptoms and efforts to prevent metastases.

Millefolium, Hamamellis, Ipecac, Phosphorus and Hydrastis help in reducing the amount of haemorrhage from the polyp. As the blood loss is delayed, so is the frequency of need for blood transfusions.

Homoeopathy is an ideal adjuvant in treatment of colon cancer.

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