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Homoeo Call: When that vacation spirit lingers a little longer than necessary

The oppressive heat of the summer is no dampener for the holiday spirit. Holidays are a huge break from the restrictive academic life when the children after mental and physical stress take a break. But when the mental exhaustion fails to give way, Ac. Picric is the remedy which sets things right.

When the physical exhaustion is bad enough and with the unrelenting mercury sapping energy further, Kali phos cools down the spirits and the child is able to relax.

You are all set to go on the perfect holiday the next morning and you find yourself unable to catch the forty winks the night before. When the excitement is too much to let you sleep, Coffea cruda lets you relax and sleep.

The fine sunny morning beckons you for a bright day ahead but the new place is not good enough for the bowels to relax and constipation is disturbing. Platina helps coax the bowels to relax.

The prime casualty of any holiday is the stomach. Well, Nux vomica is always the saviour as it clears up the indigestion in no time and if fatty foods are the cause, Pulsatilla does the act.

But when unwinding includes alcohol late nights with the resultingnausea, hangover and thereby gastritis. The magic remedy is Nux vomica.

If children are around injuries are round the corner. A bruise after cycle-riding fall is cleared by Arnica, while a sprain during football game is relieved by Ruta and any punctured wounds are helped by Hypericum while Ledum pal keeps tetanus like infections at bay.


I feel tired, lethargic and depressed after the slightest effort. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. Can homoeopathy help?


Stress, physical and mental can cause such symptoms apart from mental depression.

It could appear as physical lethargy and tiredness too and homoeopathic medicines like Gelsemium, Ac. Phos, Alfalfa can help and the right remedy can be chosen by a homoeopath.


I am 48-year-old woman in the initial stages of menopause and of late have developed leakage of urinary drops without control while coughing or sneezing. Can homoeopathy help?


Causticum, Sepia, Platina are a few remedies that help relieve such symptoms.

I am sure homoeopathic medicine would be of help to you.

Varicose veins

I have varicose veins. What is the homoeopathic remedy?


Phosphorus, Arnica, Hamamellis are a few remedies that can get rid of the symptomatology for you. Consult a homoeopath.

Irritable bowels:

Treatment for Cikungunya.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to gradually bring down the pain in its intensity while freeing the joints of stiffness. The swelling would come down too if the inflammation is relieved with the same medicines. Apis mel is the remedy of choice when pain, swelling and rash of the joints are prominent. The pain, if aggravated by small movements, is cleared by Bryonia and Rhus tox.

When the smaller joints are affected, Actea racemosa and Caulophyllum have been helpful. When stiffness is predominant, Guiacum relieves the acuteness. Eupatorium perf 30c taken twice a day for three days helps too.


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