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If it was the heart related ailments which took a toll on health and life in the 1960’s in the developed countries and a decade later the cancers of the rectum and colon; a couple of decades later as a developing country we are not far behind in matching the same incidence of these diseases in our population. Western lifestyle and diets have been known to cause a preponderance of such ailments and more so our populace when they happen to take up such diets.


A change in the bowel habits either diarrhea or constipation, mucus in the stool, bleeding per rectum while at stool, constant urge to pass stool and over a period of time, loss of weight are the usual symptoms that may be obvious in the case of a person who may have developed a cancerous lesion in the colon or rectum. Abdominal discomfort, distention of abdomen, gas or pain in the abdomen while at stool are the other symptoms. Along with loss of weight there would be unexplained weakness and fatigue at attending to routine chores. Though all the symptoms appear trivial and usual but any person over the age of 50 years who seems to have these over a period of six to eight weeks would do well to undergo a Physicians advice to rule out such an ailment. As such healthy cells grow and divide in an orderly way so that the function is normal but this system can go awry and the cells could keep multiplying even when it is not necessary forming precancerous cells. These could occur in the last part of the gastrointestinal system i.e. colon and the rectum forming a cancerous lesion which could gradually grow along the layers into the mucosal, serous and muscular layers of the wall of the intestine and then the lymph nodes and later through the blood supply to the other parts of the body usually termed as metastases.


Although there is not particular cause which has been identified to cause this disease but individuals who have a less fiber and high fat, calorie diet, people who take up western diets are more prone to develop this disease. It is not known to be genetic but if one in the family is already afflicted there is a likelihood of its occurrence in other members and diseases like Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease make one more prone to such a disease. Intake of alcohol and smoking make one to be increasingly predisposed to such a condition. People who have suffered from intestinal polyps have been found to turn into cancer at a later date.


A Physician would suggest a stool examination for any blood and further a colonoscopy to see if any polyps or any cancerous changes are to be seen in the colon and the rectum. Ideally if the area of the lesion is localized surgical resection is done right away and the bigger challenge is to see that there is no recurrence of the similar lesion later in the intestine or anywhere else in the body for which some drugs of Homoeopathic Medicine like Carcinosin, Condurango, Phytolacca, Sedum acre, Hydrastis and Ruta have been known to be of help. Symptomatic relief of pain, gastrointestinal symptoms is obtained with medicines like Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Chelidonium, Cardus mar, Mercurius, Merc cor etc. while remedies like Hamamellis, Millefolium etc. reduce the loss of blood from the tissue thereby requirement for transfusions can be that much reduced. Homoeopathic Medicine is the ideal complementary medicine in such a predicament.




Gall stones:

I have always suffered form acidity with heartburn etc and any change in food like eating outside would trigger a problem. Now I have come to know that there are stones in the gall bladder when I had developed pain in the abdomen on one occasion. –Suresh.

A: Chloecystitis or a condition in which there is an inflammation of the wall of the gall bladder can happen due to the gall stones. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Cardus mar, Berb vulg which can relieve the inflammation and prevent recurrence. Consult a Homoeopath.



I am 44-year-old and have been suffering from pain in the joints for the past five years. To start with it was in the right ankle then it has spread all over the body. Tests revealed RA Factor positive and have been all sorts of medication but the pain is there in some joint or the other all the time. Is there an alternative? – Sumitra.

A: Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune disease in which there is a destruction of the joint linings of the bones causing pain, swelling and stiffness. Homoeopathic medicine has remedies like Ruta, Piper methy which help relieve the pain while remedies like Lycopodium, Ledum pal, Calc carb. Which can see that the disease goes into remission or an inactive phase. Consult a Homoeopath.


Kidney stones:

I have undergone Lithotripsy for stones to be removed from kidney and ureters on two occasions. I had pain in the right side of abdomen and when I underwent a scan it was revealed that there is another stone in the way from “kidney to bladder”. - Sindhu.


A: Homoeopathic medicines like Berb vulg, Sarsaparilla, Uva ursi will help in getting rid of the calculi if they are usually less than 18mm. in size and with medicines like Lycopodium, Phosphorus etc. the recurrent formation can be reduced. Consult a Homoeopath.

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