Diet During Menopause

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Proper nutritional intake can help women go through a smooth menopause stage.

Change of life in a woman occurs significantly during her menopause when the changes affect her both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, women are safer at their actions even in adversity, despite severe case of depression during menopause. This part of life needs to be managed not only by medicines but also with help of right nutritional inputs.

Cessation of menses continuously for a period of 12 months is termed officially as menopause but the span of time before it when the body adjusts through to this phase is called perimenopause during which a woman undergoes all the travails though about 20 per cent of the women go through unscathed.

Oestrogen and progesterone are the two female hormones, which maintain harmony in the body that tends to gradually reduce during menopause. The insufficiency causes mood swings as the woman is happy and sad alternately in no time. Headache is triggered off by changes in her environment as her sensitiveness to the causes increases. Bloated sensation or heaviness of the body, tenderness of the breasts and spiking of premenstrual symptoms, hot flashes and sleep disturbances are common. As these hormones also help in mineralisation of the bones, the paucity leads to osteoporosis. The special protection also spreads over the heart as the good cholesterol percentage is increased over the "bad" one reducing the incidence of stroke and some types of cancer, which is compromised.

Nutritional requirements

Calcium is required the most to re-compensate bone loss and is richly available in milk and other dairy products. Vitamin D available in fish, liver, egg and for vegetarians in butter and cow's milk helps in proper utilisation of calcium.

Intake of citrus fruits, tomatoes, capsicum, sweet potatoes, spinach and sprouted grains rich in Vitamin C helps in maintaining the connective tissue between the bones stronger, thicker but supple enough for flexibility of the joints. Tomatoes contribute Vitamin E, which helps reduce the hot flashes, maintain the texture of the skin and prolongs the effect of the oestrogen.

Vaginal dryness and skin fragility can be checked with Vitamin A richly available in carrots. Anxiety, depression, poor sleep and loss of libido are countered by a complex Vitamin B which are available in whole grains, cereals, curds, cabbage, cauliflower.

Soyabean contains phytooestrogens, which help in relieving symptoms of menopause, and these seeds can be fortified in wheat flour. Cereals, whole grains, nuts, almonds also give woman the resilience as they contain Magnesium and Manganese vital for the above nutrients to be properly assimilated.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Cimcifuga to keep the troublesome headache away and reduce her sensitiveness to impressions. Hot flashes are numbed down by Sanguinaria, Glonine and irritating dryness is cleared by Alumina and Sulphur while Lachesis, Natrum mur, Sepia etc., help the woman through the transition.

Tonsillitis and fever

My nine-year-old son suffers from frequent pain in the throat and difficulty in swallowing associated with fever. What can I do?


Baryta Carb 30 three times a day for five days, repeated the next month, would help in reducing the episodes of tonsillitis.

Prolapse uterus

I am a 53-year-old woman and have urgency for urination with increased frequency during daytime. Gynaecologist diagnosed it to be due to prolapse of uterus, I Grade.


Lilium tig, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Platina are a few homoeopathic medicines which help in preventing further changes of prolapse while alleviating the symptoms. Consult a homoeopath for proper treatment.

Persistent cough

I have been smoking for 40 years and have persistent cough during winter but for the past one year, it is continuous with profuse expectoration. I have undergone all investigations and it was said to be due to `bronchiectasis'.


Antim tart 3OC three times a day for five days would give you initial relief and consult a homoeopath for a follow up.

Right pain

Headache very regularly on the right side with pain and watering of the eye (right) is troubling me for five years. Can homoeopathy help?


Chelidonium 30C three times a day for five days and the same repeated next month would give relief and gradually reduce the number of episodes.


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