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The warmth and goodness of sun can trigger allergies in susceptible individuals.


Sunshine is not just heat and irritation it also has ultraviolet rays which may not be very conducive for the skin which forms the protective layer for vital organs of the human body. In some susceptible individuals the rays of sun could evoke an allergic reaction causing sunburn because of photosensitivity. A tropical country like ours where the sun exposure is usual is an added reason for it.

The skin surface has a tinge of colour because of the dark pigment of melanin produced by an ‘inkjet'printer in the skin cells. This gives it the protective capacity from the ultraviolet rays. But in some individuals who are either exposed to too sun or susceptible individuals, the skin tends to react and cause a response on the surface.

Sunburn causes the skin to turn red and painful. If more severe, it could cause blisters and swelling of the affected and exposed parts of the skin. It could be associated with fever and chills on some occasions. The dry and burned out skin could cause itching and the peeled off areas become further sensitive to the sun's rays. But if individuals with little exposure to sun also develop a rash on the surface it is mostly due to photosensitivity or sun allergy

The exaggerated activity on the skin due to an immunological response can be seen on slightest exposure to the heat of the sun.

Such individuals can also have an associated allergy to fluorescent lights, chemicals, fragrances and even plants.

In patients with photosensitivity there is a pink or a red rash which leads to blotchy blisters and due to itching there is scaling of the surface appearing as dry skin. As it heals it leaves a dark discolored patch and this allergic response seems to appear intermittently.

This allergy can occur at any age but is more common between 20-40 years and more women are susceptible to it.

It is common in fair and light complexioned individuals. Some medicines have also been known to increase the susceptibility to this response.

Protecting the skin from the sun is vital; avoiding sun during the warmest part of the day would help. Fabric of cotton would help ward away sunlight with light colored apparel. Sun screen lotions with a SPF of 15 will help when applied before venturing into the sun. Homoeopathic medicine has remedies like Copaiva, Chloralum, Antim crud which can help in seeing away the rash and side effects of the sunburn. The best part of it is remedies like Natrum mur, natrum carb, Solidago etc. have been known to reduce the susceptibility to the heat of the sun as the reaction to sunlight keeps reducing on subsequent exposures.


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