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Dietary and lifestyle changes have adversely affect the human body

If there is one disease that creates a sense of fear; then it is cancer. Cancer means a disorderly spread of a few cells in any part of the body and which have the propensity to spread anywhere in the system. This can be life threatening if it remains undiagnosed late into the growth and can seriously affect day-to-day life as it can be very debilitating. Amongst the five most commonest cancers is that of the colon or the large intestine; thanks to the dietary and lifestyle changes which take the most of the blame for being the cause apart from the genetic causes. It would be of help to know more about its symptoms as early detection and treatment can make one's life as good as to those of unaffected.

One of the commonest symptoms of colon cancer is blood in the stool. Of course the appearance of blood in the stool has many common causes like haemorrhoids. It could happen in stomach ulcers too wherein the blood appears black or brown. But the patients usually complain of change in the colour of the stools which appears over a period of time to brown that further investigations are done to ascertain the cause.

The other feature of this disease could be constipation or a change in the bowel habits. A person who has been having normal bowel habits could develop constipation or a tendency to strain to pass stool and also an increased urge or frequency to pass stools. If there is a development of the tumours in the large intestines there could be a formation of thin stools too.

Abdominal pain is a very vague symptom but it is known to occur as the obstruction of the growth could make the movement of the stool to be excreted and even the gases to be expelled resulting in dull aching pain on occasions.

Unexplained fatigue; in the sense that a person who has been used to a certain amount of activity feels tired and exhausted even after a low threshold of activity. Needless to say it is because of anaemia or the loss of blood from the gastrointestinal tract as the cancerous tissue tends to bleed causing this condition. Further to this there is loss of weight too even without any efforts in that direction.

Whenever one recognises any symptoms they should not hesitate to consult their physician. A stool test would reveal if there is any loss of blood which is the primary investigation. If at all there is evidence, some more investigations like barium meal enema and Colonoscopy are done wherein the large intestines are visualised internally through a flexible scope for polyps. If there are any, they are promptly excised for biopsy and certain investigations of the blood to determine cancer are also done. Homoeopathic medicine is an ideal form of complementary medicine at every stage. Whether it is the improvement of the bowel changes, relief of symptomatology of pain in the abdomen, fatigue etc. there are good remedies like China, Nux vomica, Lycopodium, Carcinosinum etc. It is of utmost use in reducing the bleeding from the tissues and reducing the need for repeated blood transfusions which is in itself a great boon to those patients. To reduce the chance of the disease spreading is the main challenge and homoeopathic medicine has certain remedies to offer according to the suffering of the patients.


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