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Bad breath can lower self-image, ruin relationships and hurt social standing

Bad breath or halitosis is not a disease but can be a source of social problem and affect interpersonal relationships. There is a congenial environment in the mouth with saliva acting as a natural mouthwash and keeping various bacteria and infective agents at bay but there are certain circumstances when this harmony is disturbed and bad breath can develop.

The food one eats can adversely affect breath. For example onions, garlic, cabbage and certain spices etc. when digested can enter the blood stream, the lungs and finally the breath appearing as typical bad breath. Individuals with constipation and poor digestion develop this problem as the food in the intestines takes that much longer to get digested causing emanation of gases and thereby bad breath. Improper and neglected brushing can cause accumulation of food particles in the mouth and their decay would cause bad breath.

The congenial atmosphere in the mouth is an invitation for the bacteria and the ‘leftovers'are enough fodder to feed on and over a period of time can cause pockets in the hard teeth structure gradually eating away the fabric of the bony structure and a condition called periodontitis develops and the first symptom of the problem even before toothache develops is bad breath.

Saliva in the mouth cleanses, aids in chewing and swallowing but in some conditions where the production is reduced like breathing through the mouth, alcohol consumption, disorders of the salivary gland etc. there is a state of xerostomia which is enough cause for bad breath.

Tobacco whether in the form of cigarette or in the chewed form leaves enough remnants and thereby odour and is one of the leading causes of bad breath.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes and kidney failure have been known to precipitate the problem. Sinusitis is another condition when the areas around the nasal cavity get filled with pus and is a source of infection by either bacteria or fungus that can cause bad breath too.

Avoiding all the above reasons would be primary in maintaining the harmony and away from adverse breath. But as and when a cause needs to be treated, Homeopathic medicine would be of help. If bleeding gums is the cause, Kreosote, Phos, Carbo veg would relieve and if the infection of the cavities is the cause, Thuja and Staphysagria would drive away the bacteria. The salivary glands are prompted into action by Bryonia and Alumina. If improper digestion is the cause, Nux vomica, Plumbum met are useful and irritants like tobacco which cause inflammation etc. being the reason can be countered with Kali mur etc. Sinusitis can be treated with medication like Sambucus, Kali bich etc. To see that bad breath does not come in the way of a vibrant social life, homeopathy would of great help.


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