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Back pain problems are too serious to ignore. Here's how Homoeopathy can help

THERE ARE two things in life which we cannot miss going through, a common cold and backache though the intensity and frequency may vary between individuals.

An unknown virus can always be blamed for the cold but as far as backache is concerned, it is probably evolution itself. One fine day homosapiens decided to start treading on two limbs, meanwhile transferring the crux of the body weight on the back, which has not been used to and made for.
The back is made up of five lumbar bones, shock absorber-like discs between them, spinal cord with nerves conducting impulses back and forth, small joints for support and muscles and ligaments which give power and provide support and stability.


The common cause of backache is degeneration of bones or osteoporosis. The discs between the bones could bulge out too impinging on the nerve fibres and cause pain. Lack of exercise and predominance of sedentary occupations of today's society has lead to weakening of the muscles and joints. Wrong posture at work for prolonged periods is another contributing feature. Infections like tuberculosis and trauma during injuries and accidents are the other causes.


Typically, patients complain of pain in the back at one spot or across on either sides, which could be as severe as to prevent them from bending, and turning in bed becomes an ordeal and twisting a limitation. There could be numbness of lower limbs too.

Due to compressive changes over the nerves, the pain could traverse all along the course of the lower limbs. Stiffness of the back is distressing too.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to give immediate relief from pain, swelling and stiffness due to backache. It has remedies to allay further degeneration of the bones (osteoporosis), relieve the pressure changes of the disc on the nerve fibres.

The effects of trauma and injury also can be treated properly while giving strength to the muscles and ligaments.

Common remedies

Arnica relieves muscular soreness and pain while Cimcifuga restores normalcy by relieving the stiffness of the muscles of the neck and back. Phytolacca relieves the pressure of the disc on the nerve fibres and Rhus Tox gives strength to the ligaments. Calcarea Flour and Calcarea Carb are a couple of remedies which prevent further degeneration of the bones of the back and, thereby, rule out any complications.

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I am 22, suffering from allergic asthma and get episodes of breathlessness every rainy and winter season and also on exposure to dust. My sleep is usually disturbed at about 1-2 a.m. regularly and I have to sit up with wheezing.


Arsenic Alb 30 one dose at bedtime for one week along with Blatta mother tincture 10 drops at bedtime should give you relief and a proper follow up should relieve your asthma over a period of time.

Does Homoeopathy have any remedy for Cystic fibrosis?


Cystic fibrosis is a condition in which there is excessive production of phlegm by the mucosal surfaces of the lungs and gastro intestinal systems. Homoeopathy has remedies to reduce the production to a certain extent and reduce the incidence of infection and improve quality of life.
I am suffering from receding gums and develop bleeding and pain in the gums too.

Amitabh Varma

Carbo Veg 3X four grains at bedtime for about two to three months should help your gums.

My 53-year-old mother is suffering from kidney failure and is on dialysis. Of late, she has developed diabetic foot and it is not healing although her blood sugar levels are fairly under control with Insulin.



Merc Sol 30 three times a day for five days along with Secale Cor mother tincture 20 drops at bedtime will initiate healing of the wound and a proper follow up will definitely prevent further degeneration and need for amputation.


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