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From dry scalp to hereditary reasons, hairfall can be caused by many a reason.

Hair fall does not always necessarily reflect on the state of health as such but for a sense of beauty and pride it is simply the “crowning glory”. If not anything the lustrous hair has a “feel good” factor.

‘Alopecia’ as it is termed is the loss of hair from the scalp. It is a condition of lot of concern to both men and women of all ages. It is a known fact that the density of hair starts to thin down in the later

Forties and into the Fifties. The prominent causes of hairfall being heredity, hormones and age. Baldness could be inherited in men and cannot be cured as such.

But when the hormones block the hair follicle disturbing circulation and nutrition to it there is loss of hair which can be corrected.

Women, post menopause also experience hairfall. The other reasons could be due to dandruff which irritates the hair follicle, infection of the scalp, nutritional deficiencies of iron, folic acid and Vitamin C. Acute illnesses like typhoid, stress, chemotherapy also lead to it.

Application of hair oil should be encouraged and more so in individuals with a dry scalp.

Shampooing should be done at least twice a week which would remove the roughness around the root of the follicle.

Hair wash does not aggravate hairfall as usually thought about but the scrubbing and pressure applied during the wash and drying with hot air worsens the fall. With the advent of newer hairstyles the tight braiding and tight rolling and combing with narrow toothed combs only increase the stress on the hair and thereby the fall. The same goes to gels and chemical colours which can cause root damage. Nutritionally speaking, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, lean red meat, low fat cheese are all rich in nutrients good for the strength of the hair follicle meanwhile also maintaining good growth of the hair. Anxiety and stress have an influence on the hormones and thereby remaining cool, calm and relaxed should be a lot of help.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to help in stages of hormonal imbalance and see that the nutrition to the follicle is not disturbed with remedies like Lycopodium and Natrum mur which not only prevents the problem but also helps in lustrous growth of the hair.


If dandruff is the cause remedies like Kali sulph, Thuja have always gotten rid of it. Pilocarpus has been known to reduce the effects of hair dressing methods, reduce dryness and improve hair growth. When nutriti onal assimilation is the casualty that is remedied by China, Sulphur etc.


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