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Our metabolism is sure that it does not need tobacco as such and that is why when one takes to smoking there is burning sensation in the throat and the lungs.


The human body needs food, water, sleep and exercise as a basic minimum for survival in this universe and tobacco does not fit in the requirements as such. For that matter cigarettes contain nicotine and cyanide which would be poisonous in slightly l arger amounts. Our metabolism is sure that it does not need it as such and that is why when one takes to smoking there is burning sensation in the throat and the lungs and not surprisingly one may even throw up. But for whatever reason one takes to smoking and compel the nerve endings to seek nicotine it is the will of the person to start with while the society around needs to give one the encouragement, support and help to get over with it.

When one inhales smoke nicotine enters into the blood stream for the lungs and reaches various parts of the body and influences the blood vessels, heart, circulatory system, nervous system or generally the metabolism and finally the brain. This chemical acts as a depressant by interfering with the flow of information across the nerve cells and slowing down the impulses and causes a pleasant feeling. This need seems to increase all the time as the body gets used to the level of nicotine and only craves for more to attain that pleasant sensation and this is when one gets hooked to smoking. For the same reason when one intends to give up this habit one can find to get impatient, angry, frustrated, restless and tired at trifles and not uncommonly dizziness and depression as the withdrawal symptoms. But it also would be pleasant to know that all these symptoms would not last for more than two to three weeks and if one can hold on for this brief period they can get rid to the habit which has compelled them for decades.

The primary reason one needs to quit smoking is health. It would not be surprising to know that half the people who smoke would meet their end due to smoking related illnesses. As it can cause cancer of the lungs which can drastically cut one’s life and can also increase the predisposition to cancer of other organs of the body such as mouth, stomach, bladder, kidney, pancreas and even some blood related cancers, cigarettes need to be detested. Smoking can reduce the blood supply to the vital organs of the body and decrease their function. Heart disease, impairment of function of lower limbs blindness of the elderly all are increased if one happens to smoke. If women smoke it can only get things worse for them and if they happen to give birth to a child they would be more prone to physical and learning problems. Every cigarette can reduce the lifespan by 15-20 minutes. The probable least damage that smoking can do is impact the quality of life by causing dryness of the skin, persistent bad breath, bad smelling clothes and hair, breathlessness on climbing stairs or on slightest physical exertion, increased risk of injury and leading to illness.

But for the good news. One who happens to quit smoking can see the benefits within half an hour of happening to stop as the heart rate and blood pressure drop. The dangerous carbon monoxide levels drop to normal limits within 12 hours and in about a month or two the lung function and blood circulation return to normal levels. In about a year of stoppage the risk of heart disease and stroke disappear and if one can be away from tobacco their risk to illness is as less one who has not smoked at all.


As it is a psychological dependence counselling would of great help. Homoeopathic medicine when given along would help in gradually decreasing the dependence. Caladium, Nicotinum Tabacum are known remedies which work in that direction. The withdrawal symptoms in their intensity can be tempered down with medication like Ignatia, Nux vomica, Avena sativa.


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