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When breathing takes a `pause' during the sleep, it's called `apnea'

Unrefreshing sleep causes daytime sleepiness and decreased productivity at the workplace

There are two features of metabolism that never cease to function all our lives — heartbeat and breathing. There is a shallowness of both these functions while we are sleeping as the physical needs of the body do not demand their peak capacity and thereby at optimum levels they tirelessly keep going on. But sometimes when the breathing happens to "cease" for a few seconds only to be restored back to normalcy it is called as `sleep apnea'.

Our brain receives impulses from the body about the requirement of oxygen for various needs and thereby "advises" the lungs to look for an exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen. But sometimes the impulse does not reach the lungs for a few seconds thereby periods of "apnea" or lack of breathing. Just as the brain wakes up to do so, the lungs need to work more for the ensuing few seconds so that there is restoration of the requisite oxygen by the body. This type of problem is called central sleep apnea although it is the lesser common of the two types. The other type, which is more common, or as much as nine out of ten suffering from this complaint is called as obstructive sleep apnea. In this form the there is external factor like sinusitis, tonsils, adenoids, recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, inflammation of area around the vocal cords which causes literally an obstruction to the flow of inspiration.

The ones suffering with the obstruction of breathing always have snoring but all the ones with snoring do not necessarily have apnea. Obese people and smokers are more prone to this condition though the cause is not known. This condition is a cause for concern in diabetics and people with heart diseases as there is an overload over the respiratory system at regular intervals, which can worsen the disorder they are already suffering from. Since the quality of sleep is disturbed due to alternate phases of shallow and increased breathing, they do not feel fresh on waking. The unrefreshing sleep also causes daytimes sleepiness and decreased productivity at the workplace.


Lying on the sides, abstaining from smoking and alcohol, trying to lose weight are important before any treatment is attempted. Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to treat the cause in obstructive apnea and improve the quality in central apnea. Kali bich, Sticta, Amm carb are good remedies to relieve blockage due to sinusitis, Baryta carb, Phytolacca, Calcarea carb to cure tonsillitis and remedies like Baryta iod, Tuberculinum to relieve the blockage due to adenoids. Opium, Lachesis, Nux vomica, Lycopodium have been found of use in treatment of central sleep apnea.

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