Preventing Chikungunya

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As this mosquito driven epidemic ravages city, can we play safe

We have an immune system, which is always on a high alert and produces a rapid action when any invader is in sight. But long after the offender is subdued it could still be at its alert self and produce the necessary complexes rich to fight an infection. This altered immune response could affect the synovium or the lining of the joint spaces by producing and acute condition or viral arthritis. Chikungunya, the virus that is rampaging the city is dreaded today because of the acute arthritis it is leading to.

All seems to be well on one day when there is a mild rash with itching on the body leading to the fever the next day. It could rise to not more than 102 F and subside after the usual round of medication. Within 48 hours of fever or even when the temperature is still high, there is pain in the joints. It could affect joints symmetrically i.e. on either side of the body. It could be the smaller joints to start with and later it spreads to the bigger ones of the body. The intensity of the pain could so drastically increase within a day that the usual bubbly self is brought down. The debilitating pain in the joint does not afford the motion it usually does.

The affected joints get swollen due to the inflammatory change. Stiffness is not far behind as the joint with pain is excruciating to bend. It is also found that patients suffering with any sort of arthritis already find the same joints in an acute stage again. Not to forget is the fact that most of the patients get better within the first two weeks of this acute pain while some could find that continuing even for more than eight weeks. It is for this reason that this epidemic needs to be contained.

The vector of the diseaseis mosquito and enough needs to be done that it does not transgress our lives. Since Aedes aegypti the mosquito bites during the daytime one needs to be even more careful.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to shorten the duration of pain while giving amelioration to the arthritis to start with. Many patients complain of pain even at rest when Arnica, Magnesia phos, Ferrum phos have been useful. If there is pain on movement and ability to move further a while later, Rhus tox is of undoubted value. In obese people, the weight bearing joints are further affected when Ledum pal and Antim crud have been of help. The stiffness is relieved by Guiacum.

Keeping the disease at bay is equally important and Rhus tox 30c taken at bedtime for three to five days will ward away Chikungunya.

Dry eyes

I am 63-year-old and have itching, pain and irritation in the eyes with dryness. There is also redness. It has been diagnosed as Dry Eye Syndrome. Can homoeopathy help?


Bryonia 30c three times a day for three days would give initial relief and a proper follow up can be done by a homoeopath reducing the need for artificial tears.


I suffer from severe pain in the abdomen during menses. Ultrasound scan revealed endometriosis over the right ovary.


Transient relief of the pain can be done with remedy like Actea racemosa 30c taken every four hours during the pain and a proper follow up can be done by a homoeopath.

Receding gums

I am 38, but ever since I was 34 I have been suffering from bleeding of gums and underwent root canal treatment several times. The teeth appear to have come loosewhich a dentist attributed to receding gums. Can homoeopathy help?


Apart from the oral hygiene as advised you can use Carbo veg 30c six pills three times a day for five days every month for next six months apart from using Kreosote Q ten drops in water as a mouthwash. This will help in preventing further gums decline.


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