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When things are not shiny and bright and there is foul odour.


If one has the confidence to speak, smile, laugh and kiss, the usual mode of expressions of human beings without much fuss it also reflects on the impeccable oral health of the person. Just as the eyes are the windows to our soul, probably the mouth is the window to the person’s health as any illness is bound to reflect here in some symptom or the other.

The salivary glands produce saliva which has an innate capacity to fight bacteria and viruses. But occasionally there is an infection which can affect the tissues of the oral cavity i.e. the gums, teeth and supporting tissues which can be a channel for the infection to reach the other vital organs of the body.

The clogged blood vessels in the heart can be secondarily infected with the bacteria reaching the area through blood circulation and there is every likelihood of multiplication and blockage apart from the clot dislodging from the area and blocking blood supply leading to conditions like stroke.

Though not confirmed it is highly suspicious that the infection in the gums and teeth are known to reach the amniotic fluid in the growing foetus and are a likely cause for premature births.

Diabetes is a double-edged sword in the sense that increased blood sugar levels give enough fodder to the bacteria in the oral cavity to multiply and it is also a fact that uncontrolled infection is a usual cause of increased blood sugar levels in turn.

It is also a fact that osteoporosis or the loss of calcium from bone tissues happens in the roots of the teeth too and leading to conditions like periodontitis.

Unusual lesion sores, cankers in the mouth have been the first indicators of more serious underlying infections and diseases like AIDS, cancer respectively apart from auto immune conditions like Sjogren’s syndrome etc.

The “biotech” of the oral cavity affected would be of gums, teeth and surrounding tissues. The gums could become swollen, spongy and start to bleed not necessarily with pain which does not make one to seek medical advice.

The super added infection with bacteria only spreads it across to other gums causing Gingivitis which is precursor to other conditions. The infection could find safe havens between the gums and the teeth with formation of plaque causing looseness of the cavity and the stability of the teeth is compromised.

Worse, it could lead to loss of the integrity of the tooth structure and the caries causes breaking and loss of teeth. This is also the root cause of infection spreading to various problems all over the body.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to retain the oral mucosa in good condition. Baptisia, Merc sol and Kreosote are good remedies to keep spongy gums back to their healthy best and prevent bleeding gums.

If the structure of the teeth is being eroded, once filling is done remedies like Staphysagria, Thuja, Mezereum retain the architecture of the tooth.

The roots of the teeth are retained at their best strength with Hepar sulph, Echinacea, Calendula etc. while Plantago wards off the pain while the other remedies are busy keeping away the infection.

This wholesome package helps in seeing that there is no other organ of the body which can be involved and gives a smile a radiant, confidence.

* Oral mucosa indicates the local health and general health of the body.
* Infection of gums, teeth and tissues can spread to other organs of the body even leading to heart ailments etc.
* Diabetes worsens this problem and blood sugar levels also increase.
* Pregnant women may have a fear or premature births.
* Homoeopathic medicine has remedies for gums, teeth and surrounding tissues like Plantago, Merc sol, Kreosote etc.


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