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Cancer can strike without a hint or proper expression of symptoms in a patient.

With the advent of industrial civilisation, man's concerns have predominantly been working for the needs of a day-to-day life and for major events of life such as kin's marriage, house and so on. Financial planning is predominant and health concerns have taken a backseat in the scheme of things. There are many a disease like cancer that can afflict out of the blue in spite of getting everything right but there are a few common illnesses which can be prevented or maintained better if we plan early especially in the thirties and forties.

Never in the history of human civilisation have the five senses been used to the hilt like done so now. For example the eyes with the strain of watching the idiot box and peering into the computer for hours a day have stressed the vision and is sure to have an impact in the days to come. Trying to look away for about five minutes every one-hour of exposure would be good. Also foods rich in antioxidants such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, garlic, tomatoes would delay in the progression of ailments of the eye linked with advanced age like macular degeneration, glaucoma.

Another sense is hearing which is burdened with iPods, music gadgets and sound pollution of the city traffic, industries. This could lead to hearing loss later in life, which can never be repaired and the best hearing aids pale in comparison with natural gift of hearing. Avoidable sounds should be attempted to be done so.

Another plaguing cause of various modern day illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is obesity. Either due to over-eating or lack of adequate exercise, obesity has been precipitating the problems. Avoiding fats is primary in limiting over weight.

Loss of calcium from the bones termed as osteoporosis always occurs with age but if the bone bank is not augmented enough during the younger ages it always reflects later as the elderly are more prone to falls and injuries have a greater impact. Younger mothers reluctant to drink milk have calcium depleted out of their bones and they are the ones suffering from due to these ailments. Intake of alcohol and smoking also contribute to calcium loss and men would look at avoiding such to prevent fragile bones. Calcium rich foods and exposure to sunshine for Vitamin D is good for the assimilation. The temperate country like ours vitamin D is not a usual problem.

Loss of cartilage from the joint surfaces is a casualty with age but more so in people who have been lazy at physical exercise early in life. They are also more prone to injuries when they attempt weekend sport as the body is not spruced up for the act. Such injuries later in life surface as arthritis. So some amount of exercise in the daily routine is a must.

High blood pressure due to various activities is not uncommon. But maintaining the levels with diet and medication is essential. Moderation in salt intake by limiting canned, fried foods, pickles, papads is necessary. If blood pressure is not optimum for long periods of time it could lead to heart ailments and consequences thereby can be debilitating.

Cancer is a problem that can strike without a hint or proper expression of symptoms in a patient. But reducing the amount of refined foods, abstaining from smoking and alcohol will go a long way in bringing down the predisposition to such a disease.

The World health Organization defines health complete state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being it is because the stress and anxiety of the yore should not have its implication. Trying to avoid, avoidable stress and trying to attempt one thing at a time would keep away unwarranted anxiety and improve mental health. While attachment to religion has always improved the spiritual health.

Certain dietary and lifestyle changes in the younger age would definitely help the health during the second innings of life starting at the age of 60.
To prevent would be the priority and if at all a chronic illness sets in homoeopathic medicine would be considered which would be discussed later.


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