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A child's immune system requires care in the early stage

The first bond of the child with the human world is through the mother. Lactation as secretion of milk in the mother is to provide nutrition to the young. Needless to say there are many advantages of breastfeeding.

When babies are born, their immune systems are very immature and they have less ability to fight illness-causing germs. Through breast milk the baby is immunised to illnesses against which the mother has been exposed as her body already has the antibodies against those bacteria and viruses. Breast milk also contains host of other immune molecules that also protects the baby from germs. The child's immune system requires many years to develop and meanwhile the protection is being done by the mother's milk while it also helps the rapid development of the child's system when compared to one fed on formula milk. Such a child's illness is usually less severe and of short duration and is able to cope better. In other words the mother's milk helps the babies by providing specific nutrients to help the child grow in size and maturity.

Painful ear infections, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, intestinal disorders, colds, viruses, staphylococcus infections, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, meningitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections are afforded protection with mother's milk. Later in life the incidence of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, some cancers and insulin dependent diabetes is also less in such populations.

Allergies and dental caries are also much less in such infants. The proper suckling during feeding also helps in appropriate jaw and teeth development and speech as the child grows.

Since it involves a lot of nutrients, the young mother also needs to replenish with appropriate foods otherwise the young infant may still grow normally but at the cost of mother's health.

Water consumption needs to be improved.

Avoiding fat rich foods and eating more of proteins would help.

The calorie intake should be at regular intervals and about four to five times a day and each time with low-fat dairy products, fruits and again water.

Sunflower, corn based unsaturated fatty oils are good as they help the child with a healthy nervous system.

Folic acid is another necessary ingredient available in cabbage, corn, chickpea and spinach.

Calcium needs can be met from dairy products, raw vegetables and almonds.

Carrots and vegetables help for vitamin A.

Zinc is sometimes deficient and can be found in eggs, wheat flour and meat.


Inspite of all the above if the nursing mother finds that the milk production is insufficient for the demands of the child. Homoeopathy would always help. Improper nutrition causing lesser amount of milk production is corrected by Calcarea carb by improving assimilation. So too Silicea to an extent but further due to some infections. Asafoetida also corrects the same in an oversensitive young mother. While a hormonal imbalance causing it is remedied by Pulsatilla. Deficiency is improved by Ricinus communis and Urtica urens in the mother tincture form.

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