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The discomfort caused by teething in infants can well be taken care of, thus!.


Just when you thought that your infant is past the fussy phase, s/he becomes cranky and irritable with red cheeks once again at around six months of age, which indicates that the infant is going through teething troubles.

In most children, teething is not stressful and it becomes a part of normal physical development. Nevertheless, a few children do encounter some symptoms like drooling and dribbling of saliva, irritation in the gums causing inflammation and pain, irritability and crying due to these. Teething starts with the two incisors or middle teeth at the lower jaw and later in the upper jaw while also the other teeth till the age of two-and-half years.

This irritability in the gums encourages the child to suck and chew on anything she comes across and thereby is more prone to infections and conditions like cold, diarrhoea and a skin rash, which are sometimes inappropriately attributed to teething.


It is also that time of a child's life when she catches sight of her hands waving and wants to explore them with her mouth that gives her a sense of control on her body. Moreover, chewing and gnawing her fingers gives a soothing sensation to the gums.

* Children also can find difficulty in sleeping with mild degree of fever at night.

* They also tend to chew on solid objects and find parents' fingers helpful.

* Touchy moods are a feature though they can be distracted.

Helpful tips

* Gentle massage of the baby's gums with a clean finger or a soft cloth would help.

* Giving a plastic teething ring can act as a pacifier as they are chewed on.

* A soft cloth used to wipe the drooling would prevent skin rash.

* Sweetened drinks and juices at bedtime are better avoided.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies which can relieve the inflammatory changes in the gums due to pressure — that puts the child through discomfort, crankiness, fever, etc., — apart from getting rid of the incidental changes like colic and diarrhoea, etc.

For a sudden onset of fever in a child, Aconite helps while a cold plastic ring when given to a child provides relief for a while; his crankiness is bettered by Coffea. Nux vom, Podophyllum, Calc phos when diarrhoea occurs due to teething. However, when symptoms are not clear, a dose of Chamomilla gets rid of all the symptoms of the child and the anxiety of the mother.


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