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Headache in women is not always psychological. Proper care and medication are needed to avoid serious repercussions.


HEADACHE IN a woman occurs due to various reasons. And just because the medical fraternity is unable to ascertain the cause every time, it cannot be termed psychological, notwithstanding the fact that the episodes of headache are aggravated by mood changes. It is indeed physiological and is, hence, a sign that she needs help.

A girl at menarche is flushed with oestrogen, which dramatically drops before a menstrual period and induces a headache. Premenstrual tension is another feature in women between 25 and 40 years of age. A woman in the childbearing age and on a pill to prevent ovulation finds headache as a side effect sometimes due to unnatural hormonal imbalance. A pregnant woman, on the other hand, does not encounter headache as there is no surge of hormones. A woman at menopause has hormonal fluctuations.

Stress-filled life

Stress is the main trigger for headache: major changes in life like marriage, birth of a child, career change and travel are main reasons. But the nagging headache is more often due to niggles in daily life.

Today a woman is a wife, a mother, a homemaker, and a professional with tough choices and competing demands. Trying to please all can take a toll on her as she is not totally in control of decision making. She is the one more prone to financial stress and her stress is as constant as the gravity of the earth.

There is a typical tightness of the head as if a cloth is bound and tense muscular contraction of the neck and scalp. It could be pulsating and one sided associated with nausea and vomiting too.


Homoeopathic medicine has excellent remedies to relieve the pain and, over a period of time, prevent recurrence. Cimcifuga relieves the headache due to premenstrual tension. Glonine & Sanguinaria are remedies to relieve her due to fluctuations of menopause. Ignatia sees her through depression and consequences due to it. Natrum Mur & Pulsatilla help reduce the undue anxiety and worry, and headache due to the same.


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