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Cholesterol might be seen as a villain but this waxy substance has its pluses also

Cholesterol is not a bad word. This soft, waxy substance running through the blood stream is required for the body to make bile juice for digestion, aid in production of hormones and also Vitamin D. It is just that along with other lipids or fats in the body like low density lipoproteins and triglycerides it can stick to the lining of the blood vessels and the clumping over a period of time can cause obstruction in the flow of blood to the vital organs like the heart and the brain and leading to a heart attack or a stroke. But on the other side we have the high density lipoproteins or HDL which is the good cholesterol and the levels need to be good so that it aids in keeping effects of bad cholesterol at bay.

There are a few ways of lifestyle changes and later if need be an appropriate course of homoeopathic medicines which can help in keeping the levels of the lipids or fats in normal limits.

Fatty diets, diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes, kidney failure, usage of medicines like corticosteroids are associated with increased lipid levels along with wrong lifestyles like lack of exercise, increased intake of alcohol and smoking.

Omega -3- fatty acids intake is a good way to increase HDL and decrease LDL which is abundant in fish oil and for vegetarians available in soyabean, dark green leafy vegetables and walnuts.

Niacin or Vitamin B3 is known to improve the levels of HDL and is available in foods like almonds, seeds, green leafy vegetables, carrots, wheat products etc.

Oils of olive, canola are known to improve HDL levels while not influencing the cholesterol levels. Olive oil can be rich in calories. Using different types of oils for cooking like sesame oil, sunflower oil and it is better that they are refined.

Saturated fats are the culprits which can form a residue in the blood vessels as they are partially hydrogenated and should be avoided.

Soluble fibers of vegetables, fruits, nuts and oats are the ideal way to bring down the bad lipids while improving cholesterol as they give enough time for the digestive system to sort out what is good for the nutritional status of the body. Intake of lime water is good for flushing out the toxins.
Alcohol (read wine) is not bad in moderation but slightest imbalance can shoot up the levels and smoking is always taboo.

Aerobic exercise which aids in raising the heartbeat is necessary to keep the body well oiled and in good shape which it has to actively dispense with the toxins and retain all the good things that it needs.

But it is not ideal to cut away all the fats from the diets as it can be counterproductive as HDL is a fat too.

In spite of the best lifestyle changes if there is no improvement of the HDL or LDLs and cholesterol levels refuse to go down; homoeopathic medicine is found to be of help. Remedies like Calc carb, Lycopodium, Phytolacca, Chelidonium, Arjuna etc. which can help in seeing that levels of the lipids in blood circulation are maintained .


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