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The outbreak of jaundice in the city calls for stringent measures and treatment.

A YELLOW discoloration of skin, and mucous membranes is called jaundice. It is a symptom and not a disease by itself. It occurs as a symptom in various ailments of the liver. Our red blood corpuscles are being regularly formed and the old, effete ones are broken down by the liver. The by-product of this breakdown is bilirubin, which is effectively excreted through blood and urine at regular intervals. When the level of bilirubin exceeds a certain limit, it leads to yellowish tinge of skin, etc., and is termed as jaundice.

Jaundice could occur due to various abnormalities of the blood. When the shape of the red blood cells is abnormal in conditions like haemolytic anaemia, the early destruction of the cells leads to excessive bilirubin in the circulation. It can occur in various genetic defects pertaining to the circulatory system as well.

Gallstones could block the outlet for bile necessary for digestion, also defects of the bile duct lead to the rise in the level of bilirubin, and thereby jaundice. However, jaundice is a cause for concern if it is due to an infection. Hepatitis A is the commonest as the virus can spread to one from another due to contaminated food and water. The mode of spread in Hepatitis B, C is different, i.e., through infected blood products, needles and through unprotected intercourse with an infected person. Infectious jaundice is associated with symptoms like fever, chills, abdominal pain, itching all over the body without rash, etc. Alcohol abuse over a period of time leads to jaundice due to liver cell necrosis. Homoeopathy offers remedy for jaundice after ascertaining the cause. For common infectious jaundice (i.e., Hepatitis A), it is imperative that water is boiled and cooled before drinking more so when the incidence of the disease is high. Food should be properly cooked to prevent any growth of the viruses.

Arsenic Alb and Nux Vomica are remedies of choice to prevent when the incidence of Hepatitis A is around. When associated with abdominal pain, fever and chills, Bryonia, Chelidonium and Cinchona are helpful. If there is degeneration of the liver cells due to other viruses, Lycopodium, Phosphorus come to the rescue.

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I suffer from corns in my feet and cannot walk without soft footwear. I had undergone a surgery for its removal, but it has recurred at a different place.

RANUNCULUS BULB 30 three doses a day for five days should give initial relief and you can consult a homoeopath for a follow up.

Lichen planus
I am 39-year-old and suffer from lichen planus on my lower limbs for four years which is worse in summer. There is bleeding on scratching which is worse at night.
B.S. Rao

AC. NITRIC 30 three times a day for five days should give you initial relief.

I suffer from bleeding gums, pain and swelling. I am a diabetic too.

MERC SOL 30 three doses a day for five days along with Plantago Q, 10 drops morning and bedtime will relieve you for now and consult a homoeopath to prevent recurrence.

Herpes zoster
I am 69 - years -old and had herpes zoster last year but even now along the left shoulder blade where I had the eruptions, there is a dull, nagging pain which tends to get worse at night. Can homoeopathy help?


CHENOPODIUM 30 three times a day for five days and the same repeated one month later would give you relief.



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