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Various conditions can lead to numbness, which can be treated effectively.

Any loss of sensation over a small area of the body is called as numbness.

It can occur anywhere in the body but is usually found in the fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs.

As such this abnormal sensation could revert in no time. If the probable causes are ascertained it would suggest if there is any need for immediate medical consultation.

* If one is remained seated or in a standing position for a long time, numbness over the pressure areas could occur.

* If there is any injury to a nerve, for example in the neck, there could be numbness along the course of the nerve in the upper limb. Numbness can also be due to cervical spondylosis.

* If the numbness is observed in the wrist downwards, it could be due to pressure on the medial nerve and called carpal tunnel syndrome.

* In cases or herniated discs, pressure of the discs protruding out from the bones of the lower back can cause numbness of the lower limbs, which is termed Sciatica.

* There could be numbness of the toes occurring repeatedly and this could progress along into the lower limbs in conditions wherein the blood supply to the lower limbs is compromised. This is common among those working in high altitude and snowy areas and even in smokers.

* Compromise in circulation occurs usually in conditions like diabetes too.

* If the numbness is associated with burning sensation, check for conditions like multiple sclerosis.

* When there is a stroke or a certain area of the nervous system does not receive sufficient circulation for a period of time, numbness could occur.

* Deficiency of calcium, potassium, sodium and Vitamin B12 can also cause numbness.

* Migraine is another common cause.

Once the cause is ascertained, the course of management and treatment of numbness can be planned. If it is injury to the nerve, cervical spondylosis, sciatica or herniated disks, Spigelia, Kalmia, Hypericum usually take care of the condition. In case of carpal tunnel syndrome, Ruta, Calcarea flour and Symphytum have been of help. In case of impaired circulation or diabetes, Carbo veg, Secale cor, Sulphur help. In cases of multiple sclerosis wherein the myelin sheath of the nerves are affected, remedies like Phosphorus and Plumbum met have been known to do some good.
To improve the proper assimilation of the elements Calc phos, Natrum mur, Gnaphalium have all known to be in the lead.

But if the numbness is immediately noticed after a neck injury or associated with weakness and paralysis of a part of the body, medical intervention is advised. Health care is also required in case of gradual loss of control over bladder or bowel, slurred speech and problems with vision.

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