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The index of in the pink of health is in the nails

The indelible mark of ink on the fingers is a testimony to the fact that one has voted for the destiny of the country. The protein content similar to the skin and hair in the nails may not be for the same purpose and utility as the predecessors of Homo Sapiens required it for helping themselves on prey but has an impact on the cosmetic health of the social animal: man. The pink appearance of the nails is a proud expression of the general health and remains a prominent mode of expression of any disturbance in the well-being. It is equally important to take care of the nails for the same reason.

Keratin, a protein forms the nail. The most visible part of the nail is the nail plate. The frames on the three sides are the nail folds. The nail bed lies below the plate and cuticle is the tissue which overlaps the nail plate at the base. The half moon shaped area of the base of the nail is called the lunula. If the lines on the nails are vertical it denotes health and if they are horizontal then health could be otherwise. Yellowish or greenish discoloration of the nails can denote respiratory ailments like bronchitis etc. There is every probability of a fungal infection if they are exposed to moist environments like sweat for a long time and since fungus can cause a stubborn infection it can be very difficult go get rid off.

The best way to keep nails healthy is by:

1. Keeping them short, dry and clean.
2. Wearing cotton and absorbents socks.
3. Wearing rubber gloves when working in water is inevitable.
4. Sprinkle powder when you wear the shoes to keep the area dry.
5. Avoiding picking or trimming the skin around the nails.
6. Nail polish removers when used very often can affect he integrity of the nail plate.
7. Not to forget applying moisturizer on the nails too.

Homoeopathy has good remedies to improve the health of the nails by treating the cause. Since it is an indicator of the internal health, further investigations are done to narrow down on the cause of the problem whether it is due to psoriasis, diabetes, anaemia and the proper remedy can be sought. Any local cause like fungus can be treated easily and further recurrence can be curtailed by improving immunity. If anaemia is the cause, Antim crud helps. If the nail bed is affected, Flouric acid cures while Graphites brings tone to the thick, black and rough nails under the effect of the fungal infection. Secondary infection around is drained out by remedies like Silicea while Thuja will restore the normalcy after the humid and moistness have had their effect. Health of the nails is easily taken care of with the help of homoeopathic medicine.


My mother is 63-year-old and has involuntary passage of drops of urine while rushing to the toilet and sometimes on coughing and sneezing. Which homoeopathic remedy would be helpful for such a condition?


Due to the laxity of the muscles of the pelvic floor, repeated urinary tract infections etc. there is such a symptom on some occasions. Causticum, Sepia are a couple of remedies which can help once more symptoms are ascertained. Consult a homoeopath.


I have pale, yellow and some brownish spots on the face mostly on the forehead, cheeks etc. they seem to be gradually increasing in size. Even as menstrual cycle is becoming irregular and bleeding is reducing. I am 44-year-old.


Moth spots could occur due to deficiency of ovarian function which can be helped by remedies like Caulophyllum Sepia etc. Consult a homoeopath.


My 18-year-old daughter has irregular periods, once in four to five months, bleeding lasts for about two weeks and she is putting on weight. It is worrisome. What needs to be done for such a problem?


When there is deficiency for hormones during this age and formation of cysts in the ovaries such symptoms could occur. A hormonal analysis and an ultrasound scan will help find the right diagnosis and homoeopathic medicine has good remedies like Apis mel, Thuja, Natrum mur. Which can help such a condition. Consult a homoeopath.


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