Anal Fissures


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Defaecation or passing stool is the end process of digestion but may kickstart various activities of metabolism. It is imperative that this is free of any symptoms. But it can be otherwise in the sense that if there is a severe, excruciating pain while and after passing stool which could remains for a few hours into the day it could be due to condition called as anal fissures.


  • Anal fissures are minor tear or cracks in the lining of the rectum which in turn could bleed and cause pain.


  • There is an appearance of bleeding with stool or at the end of stool.


  • Pain while and after stool could be so troublesome that the act of bowel movement becomes a forgettable ordeal.


  • It can occur in people of any age and of either sexes. Even children may not be spared of this problem.


  • It is common for women to have such an issue during the last trimester of pregnancy and that could remain for months after their delivery.


  • It is likely to occur in individuals who suffer from constipation or difficulty in passing stool or an urge for stool which is constant.


  • People suffering with diarrhea or loose motions could end up worried with anal fissures as the constant friction and the contractive movements


  • that are needed during bowel movement only injure the lining of the rectal area causing anal fissures.


It is not that this problem could turn into something deleterious but the pain it causes is enough reason to address it. To relieve the pain and discomfort to start with becomes the need of the hour. Homoeopathic remedies like Paeonia, Ac.nit, Ratanhia, Aesculus help relieve the pain immediately. Treating the cause of the pain is imperative and if it is constipation, Nux vom, Sulph, Cascara have the propensity to help. If it is irritable bowel syndrome, Aloes, Croton tig, Merc sol, Merc cor, Colocynth soothe the lining of the intestinal walls. If a chronic fissure has formed and the sphincter of the rectum does not relax causing pain at a bowel movement for months to follow it is always remedies like Plumbum met which can relieve this issue. To treat the pain and to treat the cause of such a nagging and painful problem of fissures, Homoeopathic medicine is the best remedy.





I am suffering with giddiness, a sensation as if everything is going round and need to close my eyes and sit down for relief. What would help?


– abc.

A: The cause of vertigo needs to be determined whether it is something as simple as cervical spondylosis, benign positional vertigo, viral infections, infection of the inner ear etc. This can be done by going through some investigations. Meanwhile you can take CONIUM 30 one dose at bedtime for five days and plan the course of medicines according to he report obtained. Consult a Homeopath.


Lump in the throat:

I always have a feeling that something is stuck in the throat. I have belching and heartburn often. I am under treatment for anaemia too. –Ruth.

A: All the symptoms seem to be related to hyperacidity that seems to also cause irritation of the throat due to gastric juices. This can be confirmed by performing an endoscopy and appropriate medicines like Natrum phos, Kali bich, Ferrum met can be used once the diagnosis is done. Consult a Homeopath.


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