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Exercising and eating smart can cut down on lipid levels in blood


"NO, THIS can't be true, I never had even a glass of beer all my life," said the disturbed, 30-something youngster who had unsuspectingly gone for a Master Health Check-up only to find that his cholesterol and triglyceride levels were above normal levels.

For this hardworking NRI, locomotion involves driving back and forth to the office, manoeuvring the sincere mouse about the computer screen, and diet consists of cheese-laden pizza crusts accompanied by the calorie-rich cola giving him instant energy and inspiration at work.

At the back of his mind is his ailing father on the other side of the globe yearning for company. Erratic lifestyle, diet and stress, besides genes in some cases, are the reasons for the lipid levels in the blood to remain high.

The arteries supply Blood all over the body and through blood, nutrition reaches the areas. The waxy, thick substances, cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins can sometimes stick to the inner walls of the blood vessels, narrowing the lumen and decreasing the supply and if this happens in the muscles of the heart, it leads to a heart attack. So it is imperative the levels remain normal.

Ideal way to cut down on lipid levels is to start exercising three times a week, proper diet and, finally, medication. Diet does not mean abstinence from food, as is the general fear.

It is only to eat smart and in moderation. For instance, you can choose the following:

Bakery items made of whole grain, home made from low fat milk and avoid butter or cheese breads. Noodles, brown rice and avoid canned noodles prepared with whole eggs, cream and cheese.

Snacks with less salt, and popcorn. Avoid fried snacks, made with coconut or palm oil, cheese, potato chips and buttered popcorn.

Chicken without skin and avoid processed chicken foods.

Egg white and avoid egg yolk.

Skimmed milk, cheese made from such milk, butter milk and avoid whole milk, milk shakes, coconut milk.

Avoid frozen vegetables, fruits and canned foods with preservatives.

Sunflower, safflower, olive and soybean oil should be used for cooking while avoiding coconut and palm oil.

In spite of diet and exercise if there is no change, homoeopathic medicine will help. Common remedies like Crataegus, Allium sativa, Calcarea carb are good when given according to the constitutional requirements in keeping the levels normal. These also act as complements.


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