Intermenstrual Bleeding

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Bleeding between periods is one of the commonest symptoms of cervical cancer and a Pap Smear test would help a woman to feel a sigh of relief when the condition is ruled out.

A woman can find herself in substantial emotional distress than any physical symptoms and bleeding between menstrual periods is clearly of that category. More often than not it is harmless and knowing a few reasons as to why it could occur could clear the air for her.

A normal menstrual cycle is a period of four weeks with onset of menstrual bleeding occurring anywhere within a week before or after 28 days. During the other days there is a fluctuation of hormone levels in a woman’s body nurturing the inner layer of the uterus that is the endometrium to prepare for conception and once that does not occur leading to sloughing off of the same layer appearing as menstrual bleeding which could last for about 2-6 days. But there is appearance of bleeding in between periods called as inter menstrual bleeding usually termed as “spotting.” As such during the phase when ovulation is likely to occur about two weeks into the cycle there could be appearance of spotting. But if that occurs once too often and regularly over various cycles the causes would be looked into. More often than not it is the varying levels of hormones in the metabolism that can cause the appearance of vaginal bleeding when not expected and the body should be allowed to realign itself rather than pushing the panic button. Above the level of the vagina connecting to the mouth of the uterus is the cervix in which there could appear small, harmless cervical polyps which could bleed sometimes after intercourse and again are not a cause for concern. Women can also bleed under the influence of the contraceptive pills when they are withdrawn every month as it leads to fluctuation of the hormone levels.

An infection of the cervix occurring due to bacteria, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea can lead to the erosion and thereby bleeding which needs to be attended to. In such conditions there is also a thin, watery vaginal discharge which could become thick, leading to itching and pain of the external genitalia. There is also a probability of the infection ascending further into the uterus and leading to inflammation of the layers called as pelvic inflammatory disease in which condition there is bleeding, pain in the abdomen and also painful menses. A good percentage of women do not realize they have conceived and an appearance of bleeding could well be a miscarriage too.

Last but not the least is the fact that it could well be a sign of cervical cancer the incidence of which is on the rise. January happens to be the month of awareness of this type of cancer and a woman passing through the menopausal age or for that matter even in the early forties would be better safe than sorry to go for an investigation when such a bleeding occurs. Bleeding between periods is one of the commonest symptoms of cervical cancer and a Pap Smear test would help a woman to feel a sigh of relief when the condition is ruled out.

Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Apis mel, Natrum mur, Sepia which are helpful in correcting the hormonal imbalance. Any infection of the cervix is helped to normalcy with remedies like Pulsatilla, Natrum sulph, Borax, Kreosote etc. Ac. Nit, Thuja, Caladium help when the erosion of the cervix is the cause. Platina, Colocynth, Caulphyllum are good remedies when pelvic inflammatory disease is the suspect for vaginal bleeding. Also homoeopathic remedies go a long way as an adjuvant in treatment of the cancer of cervix as there is an alleviation of the symptoms.


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