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Homeo call Just looking into the infected person’s eyes does not spread infection.


Whether eyes have the potential to influence others or not one can be sure that in case of epidemic conjunctivitis mere looking at the eyes of those affected will not spread the infection. The infection spreads from the affected to others only by tou ch or using things or getting in touch with objects around which have been used by the infected.

Shaking hands, getting in touch with handkerchiefs, towels, doorknobs used by the infected sometimes can cause the virus spread to the unaffected if they happen to again rub their eyes.

Conjunctiva is a thin, transparent layer over the eye which shields the sensitive eye chambers . The ubiquitous virus holds its sway and tends to affect hordes of people causing conjunctivitis. It is usually during the summer months that such a spread is common although monsoon gives the virus enough opportunities to spread across to the visual apparatus.

To start with, it causes a mild irritation, a sort of sand-like sensation in the eyes which tends to worsen and cause itching. There is a rush of the immune activated blood cells to the area all set to fight the apparent infection and then there appears the redness of the eyes. Itching only worsens the redness. There is a watering of the eyes to follow and a sensation of burning or local heat felt by the affected. There is accumulation of mucus in the area causing a sticking of the eyes, concentrated around the corners of the eyes. It is not necessarily associated with any fever unless bacteria intervenes.

It is at this stage that the redness and swelling of the eyes is disturbing for the patient apart from the onlookers raising a sense of concern in them. It is imperative that one has to skip work for a couple of days during the attack.

Patients would do well to use cold compresses and wash their eyes often during the day so that it affords a lubricating effect, albeit temporarily but helps by giving comfort.

They would reduce the exposure to light by wearing dark glasses there could be photophobia and resist the temptation to rub the eyes as it only worsens the problem.

Homeopathic nedicine has good remedies like Euphrasia when administered in the 30 potency for a period of three days has the capacity to ward off an infection during an epidemic. The same remedy can help to give relief from the symptoms when the infection sets in. Sulphur is the prime remedy to relieve the symptoms rapidly and reduce the redness and itching. Argentum nitricum is administered to the susceptible population who have always been prone to the condition.

If the bacterial infection intervenes, Pulsatilla cures it. Either to keep the virus at bay during an epidemic or clear the effects of the infection, Homeopathy is a safe option.

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