Stress And Effect On Health

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Homoeo call The effect of stress can vary on each individual

Stress as such has not killed anybody but can be a deterrent to physical and mental health that it affects the quality of life and predisposes one to various illnesses and thereby is a cause for concern.

The fast pace of 21st century has lead one into a quagmire of stress and is difficult to delve away from the constant refrain and now an illness for which there is no apparent bacteria or reason is known is conveniently attributed to stress.

But then stress is the real spurring energy for an individual. If one is away from a little stress, life can get boring and motivation takes a beating.

Right from the first step off the bed in the morning till one breaks for rest at the end of the day one needs to be on his toes at their duties but without the chain of stress the quality produced may not be the best.

It is only when stress gets on to an individual so much that they are unable to enjoy the day to day activities affecting their quality of life that it needs to be addressed.

Work related

The reaction towards stress also varies with individuals. Some do not get unduly worried when under the predicament and go about their work unaware.

Certain individuals find themselves unable to detach from the stress even when the task is unaccomplished and it is these group of people who need care and follow up.

There are certain signs and symptoms which can suggest that stress has got on top of these people.

To start with one finds difficulty in concentrating on routine jobs and seem to be on the edge in the sense that slightest provocation leads to irritability.

As a means to remain alert they tend to indulge in more of stimulants like tea and coffee and the ones used to intake of alcohol find themselves unable to stop at their routine limits and go for more. This makes them to be more indecisive and have difficulty in taking usual decisions.

They could feel dryness of the mouth, slight tremor and more usually palpitations. It puts them on an edge and gives a feeling they are still to accomplish a task.

They find themselves difficulty in falling asleep, get disturbed easily only to sleep late into the morning and disturbing their work routines.

But if one feels heaviness of the chest, pain in the limbs, inability to swallow food properly, alteration of bowel habits, loss of weight and increased pulse rat are a cause for concern and it means that they seek medical help right away.

It could reflect in relationships and the feeling of lack of self-worth and can drive one to thoughts of suicide.

It is not in the medicine’s purview to get rid of stress but Homoeopathic remedies can help one to deal better with stress. Change in lifestyle, having regular meals, going to bed on time, following a hobby are all essential to deal with stress.

Ignatia helps in keeping away depressive thoughts and helps the intellectually keen to pursue their duties. Burning candle at both the ends can cause a lot of turmoil and Staphysagria can help relieve it.

If the stress seems to overpower their thoughts Natrum mur helps. If sleep is affected, Kali phos has been known to help sopor.

Tendency to irritability is relieved by Hyoscyamus and Cimcifuga. Brahmi has always known to improve concentration and improve efficiency at work.


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