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Traumas and negative emotions such as low self-esteem or exaggerated perfectionism, can lead to anorexia.

With the advent of the Indian beauties on the world stage by conquering the Miss Universe and Miss World titles from the mid-nineties, there has been a surge of interest among young girls for maintaining good figures and by compromising on regular me als in the name of dieting. To maintain a lean figure is high on the agenda of every young woman, but feelings of distress and extreme concern about body weight to the extent of skipping meals borders on an eating disorder. October 10 is observed as a mental health day. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder classed under a mental health illness which can play havoc with the fabric of health if left unattended to.

Anorexia nervosa is due to obsession with maintaining body weight or attempting to reduce even when the person is very much within the normal range. They have a distorted image of themselves and feel overweight even when dangerously thin, refuse to eat, exercise compulsively and in severe cases starve themselves to death if there is no intervention. Though young women are prone to this, it is not uncommon to find older women and men getting into this condition. Aware that their behaviour is abnormal they avoid social contact.

Mental health has a role to play in development of anorexia nervosa. Individuals who have an obsession to be perfectionists, or at the other end of the spectrum, who suffer from low esteem, feelings of helplessness and intense dissatisfaction with the way they look are the ones who are prone to it. A wide range of situations can also precipitate such disorders in susceptible individuals. If they face teasing in the peer group about their looks or occupations which emphasise low weight like gymnastics, negative emotions or traumas like death of a loved one, abuse can all trigger this eating disorder. Well then a young mother keen to regain her body shape prior to her delivery can also attempt to diet abnormally and reach this condition.

Eating disorders can cause devastation of physical health as they can lead to anaemia, palpitations, hair and bone loss, teeth decay, heartburn and disturbances of menstrual cycle. They also suffer from higher rate of mental disorders including depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse like alcoholism, addiction to tobacco when compared to the other population.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies that can help reduce the destructive thoughts and replace them with normal ones aided by counselling by a psychologist. To ensure long term improvement, underlying and accompanying psychological issues are dealt with. Family is an integral part of the process of treatment and once they understand the magnitude of situation that it can impair the functioning and the health are affected the prospects of treatment are that much better. Pulsatilla helps young and sensitive women who are obsessed with body shape. Ignatia helps when the predominant depression is the cause for the disorder. Colchicum, Nux vomica and Ipecac help when the sight and smell of food can cause nausea. Lecithin, Arsenic alb, Chin.ars help when the weakness and prostration have already set in the individual.

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Dengue fever

With so much information about dengue spreading in the city, is there any remedy for this contagious disease?


Eliminating breeding places for mosquitoes and reduces the chances of their breeding like puddles of water etc. will help reduce the number of carriers of the disease. Using mosquito nets, wearing full sleeved clothing will reduce help in chances of a mosquito bites. To prevent the disease too there are good homoeopathic medicines like Arsenic alb, Phosphorus etc.

Tooth decay

According to my dentist I suffer from early tooth decay. Crowns of tooth are affected with caries and the gums are swollen with bleeding on brushing. Can homoeopathy help?


Homoeopathic medicines like Merc sol, Staphysagria, Mezereum will help in warding off the infection and your dentist will help in clearing the decayed portions and if necessary apply filling to those.


I had suffered with cough and fever diagnosed as to be due to pleurisy and some fluid was drained from the lungs and I was on treatment for seven months. But for the past couple of months have developed cough again. abc

Investigations like X-ray would reveal any recurrence and other investigations of blood would show the activity of any infection. Once that is ascertained remedies like Arsenic iod, Natrum sulph, Kali carb would help in getting rid of the irritable cough.


I suffer from frequent infection around the nails. There is pain and accumulation of pus sometimes. The finger-nails are distorted too. Can homoeopathy help?

S.K. Singh


Graphites, Antim crud, Flour ac. Silicea are a few remedies which can help in preventing further infection. Consult a homoeopath


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