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Cervicitis can be effectively dealt with by knowing the cause

WHETHER IT was the path breaking ascendancy to the Prime Ministership of a conservative country by Benazir Bhutto; the resolute leadership of Indira Gandhi in guiding the largest democracy of the world or the firm equanimity of Margaret Thatcher to keep the cold war countries at bay, they have all performed an unenviable job, effectively second to none.

Through ages and civilisations - social, political and economic transitions, a woman has waded through all odds only to come out more resolute and graceful, to prove that she can adapt to changes adeptly. However, the modern day lifestyle changes have an impact on her health at times.

A thin, transparent vaginal discharge produced by the cervix is common and occurs usually at ovulation time in between periods.

Nevertheless, if the discharge is thick, creamy or coloured that is persistent all through the cycle in varying intensity, it is probable that she is suffering from irritation or inflammation of the cervix called as cervicitis and generally referred to as white discharge or leucorrhoea.

Common symptoms

The other accompanying symptoms are backache and pain in the lower abdomen. Patients typically complain of of intense pressure in the pelvis or heaviness and urinary difficulties. Usually symptoms could get worse after sexual intercourse which itself could be painful. Chemical irritations found in douches, deodorant tampons, spermicidal contraceptives, diaphragms etc. could all cause an allergic response in the cervix and it forms an ideal ground for bacteria like staphylococcus and streptococcus leading to this condition.

It is also common in women who are exposed to diseases like gonorrhoea, chalamydia and trichomonas.


Cervicitis typically heals with homoeopathic medicine. The redness, inflammation of the cervix responds well to medicine and is evident by the normal discharge later. Ac.nit and Pulsatilla help cure cervicitis when there is spotting in between periods and turns worse after intercourse. Caladium and Sepia are helpful when itching is predominant due to allergy to tampons, jellies etc. Abdominal pain and backache when associated with this complaint, Borax and Kali carb cure it. When sexually transmitted diseases are the cause, Mercurius, Medorrhinum and Syph are useful. The spring in her step and smile on her face would be back with homoeopathy.


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