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Tackling high blood pressure can be simple

People suffering from high blood pressure are not necessarily anxious, tense, nervous or for that matter lose their temper at the drop of a hat. Nonetheless such people are more prone to it. High blood pressure is usually termed as `silent killer' because it could be present in an individual for years together without causing any apparent symptoms, till an organ is affected and thereby detected.

Blood pressure is nothing but the result of two forces, one is created by the heart as it pushes the blood into the arteries or blood vessels of the circulatory system and the second force is created by the arteries as they resist the blood flow. The force created by the heart is called systolic blood pressure and the normal pressure is 120 mm of Hg though the upper limit of normal is 140. The resistant force of the blood vessels is called as diastolic blood pressure and the normal is 80 mm of Hg whereas the threshold of normal is 90. It is only the when the blood pressure is 140/90 mm of Hg that it is called Hypertension and proper measures need to be taken.


If blood pressure is on the higher side due to an unhealthy lifestyle or a group of other factors, it is called as essential hypertension and this is the most common type of hypertension.If a particular organ or major blood vessels of the body are involved it is called secondary hypertension.

Factors influencing blood pressure:

*Over-weight people with excessive fat around the abdomen are more prone to this as they are found tohavedegenerative changes in the walls of the blood vessels.

*Physically inactive people are more prone to this condition.

* People in inactive, sedentary occupations and those who tend to eat processed foods and avoid fresh fruits and vegetables are also prone to this ailment.

* Excessive sodium in the diet directly influences an increase in blood pressure.

* Alcohol influences the body metabolism and can cause hypertension.

* Smoking can add to the problem as nicotine tends to cause hardening of the blood vessels and thereby contributes to strokes and heart attacks.

* Fight and flight is a natural reflex We come across many situations in day-to-day life when we need to respond to stress.

But even when the stress factor has passed over, it can lead to unsavoury situations of health.

* The incidence is more in men and those over the age of 35.

*Last but not the least, it is hereditary and children of hypertensives are also prone to the same condition.

How harmful is high blood pressure?

*When the heart is put at more stress to pump out blood there is a thickening of the heart muscles and enlargement of the heart. This causes ineffective pumping of blood and thereby the nutrients do not reach all the tissues of the body.

*The increased resistance of the blood vessels causes hardening, thickening, stiffness and lack of elasticity of the blood vessels called arteriosclerosis or degeneration of the arteries.

*The above degenerative changes can cause a heart attack, stroke or a kidney failure.

Management and Treatment:

Restricting salt intake, improving physical activity, trying to lose weight, abstaining from smoking and alcohol while cutting down on tea and coffee to not more than twice a day can restrict the causes of hypertension. Undue stress should be tackled with relaxation techniques. Homoeopathic Medicine has good remedies like Arjuna, Rauwolfia, Veratrum viride, Baryta Mur, Arnica and Crataegus which help keep ssential hypertension under normal limits.

Health queries

Dry eyes

While reading for sometime or while watching TV, my eyes get red, painful and itchy with a sand like sensation in the eyes. I have been prescribed some artificial eyedrops, which I need to use three to four times a day. Can homoeopathy help? - Venkataraman.

Bryonia, Sulphur and Natrum Mur are a few remedies which help reduce the dry eyes and the need for artificial tears can be brought down to a certain extent. Consult a homoeopath.

Itchy ears

I have itching inside the ears compelling me to use earbuds and I can feel the dryness in the ear canal. Can homoeopathy help? - Abhishek.
The dryness of the earlobes can be reduced transiently by emollients like paraffin while appropriate homoeopathic medicines like Petroleum, Sarsaparilla and Sulphur help provide relief.


There is intermittent pain and oozing from the buttocks area.

An abscess was cleared three years ago and ever since there is this oozing of pus. Can homoepathy help? -Abc.

Tendency for formation of abscess is what you are troubled with and if the infection in the area has not cleared completely there is intermittent oozing.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to clear the pus and over a period of time, medication can help prevent recurrence.

Hepatitis B

Is there any cure for Hepatitis B in homoeopathy? - abc.

The aim of any system of medicine as of now, is to keep the virus silent or the disease in remission or an inactive phase.

f the liver function tests are abnormal then homeopathic medicine can be used in trying to attain the inactive phase. Consult a homoeopath with all details. I am sure homoeopathic medicine would be of help to you.


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