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Understand and support the woman during the transition.


Menopause is as such not a disease or an illness but a stage of transition in a woman’s life. The surge of turbulence of hormones can bring along exhilaration or cause havoc on a woman’s mind apart from various effects on her body. Likewi se, during perimenopause or the state of life wherein the hormones gradually cease to flow through or decrease when compared to before can have their own effects too.

During a usual menstrual cycle there is production of oestrogen, progesterone, follicle stimulating hormones in the woman’s circulation which help build the endometrium, encourage formation of ovum necessary for reproduction before shedding off commonly referred to as menstrual period. During the age of 48-55 in the Indian milieu, women do not find the production of these hormones much and the reproduction is not possible too. But the gradual or sudden cessation of the function of these hormones can cause a few changes in the woman’s life wherein she may need help.

By and large the most common symptom felt is hot flashes or a wave of heat, flushed skin, palpitation or feeling the heartbeat etc., followed by an intense sweating and again a feeling of cold taking over. This could be preceded by nausea and headache too. Such symptoms can occur out of the blue during the day or night making a woman’s life uneasy at home and at work. Sleep is disturbed and the ensuing fear due to palpitation may make the fairer sex worry about the heart health too.

There could be urinary symptoms in the form of increased frequency of urination.

The decreased oestrogen hormone also causes thinning and dryness of the vaults of the vagina causing lack of elasticity, painful intercourse etc. It can cause decreased libido. There is atrophy of breast tissues too.

Probably the most important physical symptom that menopause can cause is increased bone loss which increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. More often than not it is a complaint heard that there is manifestation of joint pains from the change of life and arthritis comes into play.

If women are not prone to heart ailments till the age of 45 years it is also thanks to these hormones but after this age the cholesterol levels tend to rise.

But as such it is the mind which is the most affected as there is irritability, mood disturbance which is a problem for herself and for others around too. Fatigue and memory problems ensue which can lead to depression and anxiety too.

As such only when symptoms manifest or there is history of hormonal imbalance earlier in life a woman needs to be treated.

To start with soy products which contain phytooestrogens are encouraged to be taken during this phase of life. Walking or mild exercise is known to prevent hot flashes and since these are triggered by eating spicy foods, caffeine etc. they should be consumed in moderation. When lifestyle changes do not help further, homoeopathic medicines are found to be of help. Sang can helps when there is nausea, headache with hot flashes, if there is intense pain in the chest, constriction and headache, Glonine relieves.

Any ailment starting during this phase of life indirectly connected to the surge of hormones is cured by Lachesis. The assimilation of Calcium is always an issue which is corrected by Calc phos, Calc flour, etc. while the pain in the joints if any is taken care of with medicines like Ruta, Rhus tox etc. Nux vomica, Sepia, Caulophyllum, Lilium tig are remedies which help other symptoms like dryness of vagina . Last but not the least is the impact on the psyche that this phase of womanhood has and Actea racemosa, Lachesis, Natrum mur, Lilium tig have a soporific efficacy on the same.

To see a woman through this phase of life unharmed, homoeopathic medicine is the best bet.


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