Hookworms And Blood Loss

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Anaemic people should check for hookworms first to determine the cause for blood loss

Anaemia or reduction in the active components or red cells in the blood occur due to various reasons. Blood is a medium through which the necessary nutrients are supplied throughout the body to the tissues for the metabolism to run smoothly.

Anaemia occurs when the body demands are high as in pregnancy when the foetus demands its share and it needs to be supplemented for proper development.

Anaemia also occurs when the proper production of the red blood cells does not happen due to insufficient elements like Iron etc.

The reduced number could be due to loss of formed blood cells in conditions like cancers or any ulcers in the gastro intestinal tract apart from parasite manifestations.

Probably the most prevalent and the oft-neglected cause in sub-tropical countries like ours where hygiene still has long gap to bridge, parasitic infestations like hookworms take their toll. Hookworm is a parasite whose life cycle is dependent on the human metabolism. The eggs passed out from the infected human's faeces contaminate the wet surroundings in places where sanitation is not well maintained. These eggs hatch out and the larvae when in contact with the human skin burrow through it and find their way into the respiratory passages. With a bout of cough they are expectorated into the gastro-intestinal system.

Haven for worms

The duodenum and small intestine are areas, which are a safe haven for these worms as they "hook" themselves to the walls and comfortably feed on the host's blood.

The rapid multiplication of these hookworms and their activity leads to anaemia. When they move from place to place in the intestinal walls the areas of previous infestation still continue to bleed. If a child or an adult complains of decreased appetite, abdominal pain, loose motions and loss of weight sometimes in spite of eating well one of the causes looked for would be hookworms. The robbing of nutrition thus leads to delayed and impaired growth especially in children later affecting mental faculties like memory leading to listlessness.

Homoeopathic medicine has good remedies to see that the worms are flushed out and while seeing that the environment does not reveal congenial for the worms hence. All symptomatic changes can be addressed accordingly while anaemia is helped to normalcy with supplements and remedies, which help in their proper assimilation. Cina is the first remedy, which would help in children who are irritable with pain in the abdomen but a normal appetite. Ferrum mur gradually corrects anaemia due to worms. Santonine corrects the night cough of children, grinding of teeth caused by these worms. When the navel is the most painful part, Spigelia provides relief .

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