Angioneurotic Oedema

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The immune system of the body can protest on intake of certain foods that is allergic and can show up on the face in the form of swelling.


“Face is the index of the mind,” so goes a saying about how the expressions on the face reflects one’s thoughts. But then the appearance is probably given more importance than anything and any slight change is always a cause for worry. To also hasten the anxiety is the fact that the skin on the face is more prone to some sort of eruptions than the other parts of the body and it would help if one would know the usual causes.

The immune system of the body can protest on intake of certain foods such as nuts, fish or something which is allergic to certain individual and can show up on the face in the form of swelling of the lips and over the eyes accompanied with rash, redness and itching. Not just eatables but even cosmetics can be detested on occasions apart from the environmental changes. Apis mel, Urtica, Kreosote are a few remedies which can mollify the immune system away from the protest.

Just as there is an upsurge of the hormones during adolescence there is also a flush of activity of the glands on the skin cells of the face and the sebum produced can be blocked in the hair follicle by testosterone leading to formation of acne or commonly called pimples. This appears as a raised eruption sometimes filled with pus and worse as it heals only to form into a scar interrupting the interest in social activities and rushing one for the elusive zit curing creams. Silicea, Sarsaparilla, Hepar sulph soothe out the acne and renew enough zest for missed social occasions.

The infection of the sebaceous glands could get worse and it could spread across underneath the skin forming cystic acne which are bolder and thicker than the regular acne and could leave even deeper scars on their way out. Carbo animalis, Berb aqui have been time tested to clear such an infection and deviate them to remain as scars. But if it is a pink or a red bump surrounded by smaller similar bumps it is usually a boil which either needs to be coaxed to clear out or to be resorted. Calcarea silicata, Echinacea do enough in that direction.If the eruptions are very fine and pinkish or reddish hue is predominant it is called as rosacea and the sensitive skin that it is responds on exposure to vagaries or even slightest changes of weather either to heat or cold. Homoeopathic remedies Causticum, Rhus tox and Psorinum are helpful in restoring the balance and help the skin to a normal tinge.

If there is an apparent swelling below the jaw as a protuberance on either side or to one side it is due to an infection called as mumps and is promptly associated with fever and needs attention right away. Pulsatilla, Lycopodium and Bromium are the ones when submitted with the task as intended, never fail.

There is also a tendency for the skin to react overtly to an injury or a fine cut and form a sort of hardening of the area which doesn’t seem to stop growing. This is called as a keloid and can be disturbing in the sense that there could be secondary infection with itching, pain. Silicea, Calc flour are a few remedies which put a brake on the process of this growth.

Dryness of the skin is predominant too and if it appears in the form of patches it could be called as an eczema and homoeopathic medicines like Ars alb, Sulphur are not far behind in restoring moisture to the skin and subduing the recurrent episodes of dermatitis.

If the swelling seems to be generalized over the face with a moon shaped appearance your doctor would call for investigations to check the function of the salient organs of the body like the kidneys and liver and to know the function of the glands like the thyroid and discerning the cause would stand you in a good stead to find relief.


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