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Being alert to the triggers and with a little help one can keep away from bronchial asthma.

If one has cough in the middle of the night or on waking up with phlegm, if there is a squeaky or whistling sound on breathing or a sensation of shortness of breath, faster or noisy breathing or finally a sensation of congestion that keep recurring either at regular intervals or on exposure to certain triggers in all likelihood one is suffering from bronchial asthma. Since the first Tuesday of May is identified as the day to spread awareness of this disease which is on the rise due to urbanisation and pollution it is probably the right time to have more information about this problem. The passageways in the lungs are a few tubes which are sensitive and react due to irritation of the allergens and narrow down. This causes cough, congestions and difficulty in breathing. The mucus that accumulates due to inflammation further narrows down the passages and makes it more difficult to breathe. These occur episodically and tend to get relieved in a while with medication.

What causes these episodes to be triggered is the key as the same trigger does not work for all the individuals. It has been found that the usual suspects are the pollen, dust mites, animal dander from the skin, hair or feathers of animals cockroaches and molds. It has been found that dust, smoke, changes in weather, odours, perfumes and even strong emotions of happiness, laughter, depression and stress can trigger an episode of bronchial asthma. Not uncommon due to today’s diets and lifestyles is the heartburn which causes a reflux of stomach contents into the passages causing an episode of asthma.

The most often of course is the condition of allergic rhinitis wherein the persistent serous discharge produced in the nasal lining finds its way into the sinuses causing sinusitis and sooner than later gravitate into bronchial asthma. Obesity is a factor which weighs in causing this disease.

To avoid the possible allergens is primary. If animal dander is the cause keep away pets from the bedroom. If pollen is the likely cause staying indoors during high season is called for. Washing sheets, pillows, blankets and stuffed toys often will keep away dust and dustmites.

To abort an acute episode of bronchial asthma remains the main challenge as there is acute breathlessness and cough and homoeopathy has good remedies like Carbo veg, Ipecac and Ars alb which function as “rescue” remedies whenever a need arises.


Arguably the biggest challenge is to keep the susceptible asthma population attack free and this can be achieved with homoeopathy by gradually decreasing the episodes of asthma, shortening the duration of the attacks, increasing the duration between the attacks and finally reaching a stage wherein the attack should resolve without much intervention. This happens even when the allergen has been exposed to human body but does not cause that much of a reaction. Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Medorrhinum, Natrum sulph, Thuja are the medicines which are helpful in achieving this stage.


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